Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday's don't forget to: Facial Cleanse!

I’ll admit, I tend to slack on the washing my face and removing my make-up before going to bed, but I’m really working on it cause I hate seeing how much make-up is still on my face when I tone it in the morning. All that make-up build up is not good for the pores and causes premature aging, so I decided I’ll get myself new cleansers to get myself motivated.

Cleansing is great for the skin to remove all the impurities, dead cells and reduce the excess oil on the skin. It brightens the skin complexion and prepares the skin for toner and moisturizer. Remember though, too much of a good thing, may be just that- you don’t want to over cleanse your face because your skin may start to overproduce oil to prevent dryness.

I won’t go into specifics about what cleanser to pick because it’s all about personal choice, and your skin’s needs. The two cleansers I love right now are the Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser since it’s so creamy it really absorbs the make-up and the menthol in it makes my face feel so fresh; and also, the ANEW Rejuvenate 2-in-1 Gel Cleanser as my constant cleanser because it just hydrates your face and the beads help polish your skin. These are just my two basic cleansers that are reasonably priced, feel free to share any cleansers you love!

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser available at your local Drugstore
ANEW Rejuvenate Revitalizing 2-in-1 Gel Cleanser available at AVON or contact your local rep.

What's New Wednesday: 141 Piece Master Make-Up Collection from e.l.f.

This palette/kit was a gift for Valentine ’s Day from my hubby, so I decided it would be perfect to share for my What’s New Wednesday, since it’s one of my latest additions to my collection.
It’s from e.l.f. (I so love their products and their prices) and it’s the biggest make-up kit in their studio line. It’s the 141 Piece Master Make-Up Collection and it contains 84 eye shadows, 36 lipgloss shades, 6 blush shades, 4 bronzers, plus concealors and shimmer shades.

I really like the variety of shades the kit offers; although the eye shadows are a bit more basic tone colors, it really helps create a multitude of looks. The only thing I’m not too crazy about is the powders being really loose, so you have to be really gentle in picking up color with the brush to avoid the color powder going all over the place.

Overall, I love the set and e.l.f. carries similar smaller sets if you are interested in something more basic.

141 Piece Master Make-Up Collection from e.l.f.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trends Tuesday: Flowers Everywhere, Even For Your Hair

I'm so in love with the whole floral trend and I'm so glad it's going to pair pefectly with the long awaited spring season. We are seeing the flower power everywhere, and right now, besides falling head over heels over the floral prints and the bold flower accents on jewelry, I'm in love with the flower headbands. These are definately a must to add to my collection!

All headbands are from Forever21

Monday, February 22, 2010

Must-Have Monday: Make-Up Brushes To Own.

For this Must-Have Monday blog I decided I go in on an important make-up must-have and that is make-up brushes. There are really so many to choose from and so many of them do different jobs, I decided to just narrow them down to the basics- especially to the ones I use on a daily basis.


Face Powder Brush
This would be your big fluffy dome brush and it works great to apply your powder foundation or pressed powder in order to set your make-up foundation. A face powder brush is a must since it helps to achieve the airbrush look when you lightly swirl and buff the powder onto your face.

Blush Brush
Best for applying color to the cheeks, and we must remember to always add some color to the cheeks since it keeps you looking vibrant and fresh. If applying a cream color blush a sponge applicator works best. In the case of a pressed powder or loose powder blush, a blush brush is great for giving you a sweep of color. The basic blush brush is a smaller dome shaped brush similar to the face brush and some may even have an angled head to help apply the blush directly on the apples of the cheeks.

Eye shadow Brush
An eye shadow brush is a must have in your make-up bag because you really want to avoid using your fingers to apply the color to your eyelids since the oil from your finger will get into your shadow and change the texture giving you a greasy look and may make the shadow crease. Eye shadow brushes are slim and the bristles are short and stubby, the basic eye shadow brush have square, rounded (tapered) edge tip. Eye shadow brushes are the ones that get most complicated in regards to brushes since there are so many in different shapes but they all create different looks, so just your basic shape one is the most important brush.

The following are optional brushes I included since I only use on a once in blue basis, since I find they are not completely necessary.

Concealor brushes are small thin brushes that allow you to give precise coverage in regards to the area you want to conceal. Helps you control also the amount of product you want to place on the area.

Fan Brushes are really just used to gently sweep any excess shadow powder that has fallen onto the face, or blush powder that hasn’t set off your face and brush away mistakes, it's also great to lightly apply highlighter to your face.

Contour Brushes have the bristles blunt (flat across) shape to help direct the powder into more precise lines of the face. They help create the illusion of more pronounced cheekbones and help highlight areas of the face.

Lip Brushes are small and thin, great to help outline the shape of the lips and apply lip color more evenly across the area of the lip.

Remember, this is only a short list of brushes. There are so many more that do so many other things. I also didn’t go into the regards of quality of the brushes since I believe one should spend according to budget- no need to go on a spending frenzy on brushes to get “high-end brand”. I chose the budget friendly e.l.f. brushes to feature in this blog, although you can purchase any brand brush to your liking. The most important would be brush shape and manner/technique you use them and the make-up which makes the difference. I hope this helps you sort out the brushes in your set or help you decide which to add.

All brushes can be found on e.l.f. online store

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fashion Friday- Spring means ruffles!

If I haven't said it a million times in the past week, I'll say it a million more times- I can't wait 'till Spring.  As a born and raised NYC girl, I've learned to except the changing seasons but over the years I've developed a dislike for winter. I'm not a fan of day-old snow or getting salt and mud on my fluffy boots. I don't like hat hair or wrapping up in layers of clothing, which is so not what I look foward to when the temp reaches below 30. But, there is a silver lining to my grey cloud-Spring looks are already hitting the stores and I'm so ready! One of the the popular looks that is everywhere are ruffles. You can't really go wrong in ruffles- they are so chic and girlie girl. Just don't overdo the ruffle look; If your top has ruffles make sure your bottom piece is plain and vice-versa. So, while I get prepped for Spring by getting my bright blush and my colorful nail polish out, I leave you with a couple of my favorite pieces from a few of my favorite stores.

Tiered Ruffle Strapless Dress -Express

Denim Ruffle Mini Skirt-Express

One Shoulder Chiffon Looped Top-bebe

Colorblock Diagonal Ruffle Dress- Arden B.

Rosy Avant-Garde Skirt- Forever21

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday's don't forget to: Apply Make-Up Primer! The Basics.

This blog was inspired by a friend and as promised, here is my blog on make-up primer. I know some are, “Huh, what’s Make-up primer?” But, it might be one of the most important things you may decide to incorporate in your make-up regimen, if you haven’t already. I know many of us are just in a rush as it is, putting on our make-up as we a flying out the door that it sounds crazy to add an extra step in getting our face together; but I’m sure after a hectic day, before you wash your face for the night, you’re looking into the mirror saying “I look like a tired mess.” Your eyeshadow has faded, your skin feels icky and heavy with make-up, and you wonder why you even bothered at all, to do your face.

Liquid make-up, foundations, and powders after a few hours on our skin, tend to seep in and clog the pores causing break-outs and oily complexions. Also, make-up will sometimes settle into the fine lines in our face which gives us not the pleasant illusion of aging. You could have saved yourself that disappointing look by just one product. Applying make-up primer before applying foundation helps correct the problems foundation sometimes leaves us with. Make-up primer acts as barrier between the face and foundation which, in turn, prevents make-up settling in the face, creasing, and helps save our pores from drowning in make-up. Besides protecting our face, make-up primer creates a nice, even, fresh tone in preparation for applying make-up. There are even primers for your eyes to help your eyeshadows adhere and stay longer. Make-up primer is to be applied under your regular moisturizer, and you can even wear the primer alone with a touch a powder to give you that all-naturale look.

You tend to find that it’s the higher end cosmetic lines that carry make-up primer and each have their own formulation of primer. Some add brighteners to the skin while others may give you the matte look, some are even tinted (those are great to even out skin tones). Cosmetic lines also offer make-up primers for people with different skin types, such as a dry, oil, or combination complexion. With so many to choose from, I would recommend that if you are interested in a make-up primer, go to their counters and try them out. Consider how they feel on your skin and if they meet they meet the need of your type of complexion. You can always ask the beauty reps what they would personally recommend.

Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion
Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
 laura mercier Foundation Primer - Oil Free

m.a.c Prep+Prime skin

Above are some well-known primers and you can find these at Sephora or your local upscale beauty department store.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What's New Wednesday - Avon and mark.

For What’s New Wednesday, I like to show you the newest additions to my collection, for this week it’s from Avon/mark. I really am an all around person for cosmetics – From high-end lines to your local drugstore; at the end of the day, the most important issue for me is quality. I really found that Avon and mark., do offer pretty good quality stuff at great bargain prices.

Okay this is called the mark. it kit and it’s such a wonderful, compact make-up palette. It has three powder shadows and a blush/bronzer on one side and it flips to reveal three, eye/lips/cheek cream colors and three lipglosses. I honestly can’t tell you how many ways you can use this palette since you really have great versatility in this one compact. This has been my go to compact for the past couple of days, I love it.

Next up, lipstick. One thing I totally love Avon for is their lipstick, and they are really the #1 seller in lipstick as far as cosmetic sales go. Anywho, I decided to give their new lipstick line a try – Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact in Fuchsia Fun since I really wanted a lipstick in a nice purple pink color. I was pretty happy with it, my only downfall with it was that it was really shiny- but it was okay since I toned it down a bit with a matte lip primer under when I reapplied it. The new line is good if you looking for brighter tone – more true to color lipstick.
I also picked up the True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Electric Purple. To be honest, I’m not crazy about it. It’s okay if you just want a couple of everyday shadows and you don’t want to buy a whole bunch of unnecessary colors, or you want a palette of the same range of colors. I guess what threw me off was the green in the palette I chose. Overall, good pigment, color stays but not my style.

Last but not least, I got two pair of earrings that I had been eyeing for a while. Both styles are available in silver and gold tone. I was bit skeptical ordering since I love to see my accessories up front since I’m so picky about quality and workmanship, but I was really pleased. I’m so in love with them. I’m thinking they will pair up great with an up-do hair style and bare shoulders.

All the products can be found at Avon / mark. or contact your local rep.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trends Tuesday: Sick of leggings, go with tights!

You probably think I’m crazy right, especially if you are a New Yorker because right now we have temps in the 20’s and who would want to wear tights in this cold? But it’s true, tights will definitely have a comeback and right in time for when the spring weather starts to kick in!

I’m talking about tights in all kinds of designs, patterns, cutouts, and shades, ones that would look great with the mini skirt and oversized shirt and a pair of booties. Even with a nice knee length sweater dress and pair of knee high boots, you can’t go wrong with a great pair of tights. Not your regular, everyday wear to work pantyhose.

Want a sexier look? The new twist in hosiery is thigh highs. The school-girl knee highs on a whole other level! I would stick to regular solid colors for this look and definitely consider wisely what to wear with thigh highs since you can easily crossover from the sexy look to trampy. I would pair this with a pair of shorts and flats or a body flattering stretch cotton dress with booties.

Tights featured can be found at American Apparel

Must-Have Monday: Mascaras! Lengths Edition!

I know I’m a little late on Must-Have Monday, but here it is!!

A must-have in my book is mascara; and ladies, we need to do the mascara look even if we are just heading outside to the store or a night on the town. I’m not saying you need to glam up your whole entire face- Just a quick couple of swipes of mascara on the lashes, a bit of lipgloss, and believe me; it will give your face a whole different, vibrant look. It makes you look polished, even if it only took you two minutes to get ready! Trust me, try-it!

Now on to the mascaras: new thing the beauty companies are advertising- lengthening mascara. I thought if were buying mascara that was one of the things we were hoping it did, but I digress. Here are the three I thought were actually pretty great if you are aiming for those super-long lashes! You’ll notice that the applicators are all long and skinny and the bristles are short, in contrast to the mascaras that offer full lashes in which the brushes are full and bristles are longer (think of a chubby short Christmas tree).

What really sets them all apart is their formulation. They all lengthen as promised- the end result of lashes is what really makes them different. It’s really what kind of look you are going for that will probably make you prefer one mascara over the other. Covergirl LashBlast will give you lashes with lots of flex, which in turn will leave them long, but more natural looking. Maybelline Lash Stiletto will offer the length with more a shine to the lashes, perfect for the night out- smoky eye look. The soon to be released Avon SuperExtend will also provide length as well as dark lashes. Personally, I have no gripes about any of them, so go ahead and lengthen away!

CoverGirl LashBlast and Maybelline Lash Stiletto can be found at your local drugstore.
For Avon SuperExtend contact your local Avon Rep.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fashion Friday- Kardashian line at bebe and New York Fashion Week!

I’m starting fashion friday off with the clothing line designed by the Kardashians for bebe. Most of the outfits are just amazing. I’m personally in love with these two outfits; the cute mini blend dress and the black silk jumpsuit. Currently, most of the collection has been sold out online but if you are lucky you may find the outfit at your choice at your local bebe store.

Most important, it is Fashion Week here in New York! The event takes place from February 11 through the 18 and showcases many of the premier designers fall collection for 2010. Many of the events take place at Bryant Park, Sixth Avenue and 41st streets, and other events are set up throughout the city. Note to self- I need to get an entry pass to a show!

photo courtesy of NYFW facebook page
Outfits are Kardashian for bebe

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday's don't forget to: take care of the hair! Products to tame winter hair.

Sometimes we’re in such a rush to do things; we forget the little basic steps that should be included in every routine. Today’s focus is the hair routine. Winter not only has a harsh effect on our skin, but it also affects our hair. It leaves it dried out, prone to breakage and with lots of static. These are just two basic products to consider using that will help in the problem areas as well remind you what you should include in your hair regimen.

Before I wash my hair, I usually use the Ojon hair and scalp restorative treatment in my hair. A bit of product rubbed into the hair adds natural oils to the hair to correct dryness and helps repair breakage. I tend to leave it on for about 30 minutes but the longer the better. I then shampoo and condition hair as usual. Added plus, a little more in damp hair can serve as a leave-in conditioner.

Another thing we tend to forget is a heat protectant to our hair. Blow drying and hair irons dry our hair out also and the heat just makes the damage worse. I use the mark. Salon Straight Pre-Style Protector. It adds a shield to the hair to prevent the hair absorbing the heat and leaves the hair with lots of shine. Just spray on and style away! It doesn’t add static to the hair either and helps my flyaways stay down. To top it off it smells great!
Like I said, hope these products help you out if you are having any winter hair issues or give you ideas on other similar products you may want to incorporate into your hair routine. If you have any other products you like to use in your routine, and you’ll like to share, comment away.

Ojon available at Sephora, QVC
mark. Salon Straight Pre-Style Protector available at .mark or contact your local Avon Rep.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's New Wednesday - Make-Up Palette and 88 Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette

We are snowed in today here in NYC, but it's okay because I get some time to spend around the house and enjoy it with my little ones, plus I also get to experiment with my two new palettes that I ordered from ebay!! These make-up palettes are the same ones many of the online fashion and make-up gurus use and you can find the tutorials on youtube on how to create different looks.

The 78 palette has a mix of shimmer and matte eyeshadows, 12 creamy gloss/shadow/blush (whatever is your preferance) and 6 shades of blush.

The 88 palette is all ultra shimmer shadow and goes great to compliment any shadow you already own. The same palette is also available with matte shadows.

I love the cases to these palettes cause like hubby says "they look like black Mac books." They are sleek and compact. So if you are searching for a way to increase you eyeshadow collection this is definately the way to go and if you want to find out different looks, head over to youtube, they have great videos posted on how to create eyeshadow looks with these palettes!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Trends Tuesday- Boots, Boots, Boots!!

It's winter here in NYC, which means it's super cold! But that doesn't stop us from still wanting to look cute. Right now the biggest shoe trend is the boot! Whether it is a bootie, a flat knee high boot, or the hottest look right now- the thigh high boot - you can always find a boot that meets your style and comfort! If you haven't picked up a pair yet, don't fret because the boot look is expected to get even hotter next winter-especially the thigh high look! Booties are awesome and versatile since you can still sport into spring.  So get out of the fuzzy boot rut and put on a pair of chic boots! Personally, I love all three and I'm sure you love the look too! You can get the shoes above from the Urban Original website, which has great shoes for afordable prices!

Shoes from Urban Original

Monday, February 8, 2010

Shoes for every month!!

Okay, so I will admit it, I'm a shoeholic, along with probably a million of other females in this world. I've now made my addiction worse thanks to Kim Kardashian's exclusive shoe society - ShoeDazzle.

What's a shoe society and what's so great about it you may ask? Well, when you sign up to ShoeDazzle, you are asked to complete a quick survey that analyzes the type style you may like and your responses are sent to their ShoeDazzle shoe stylist. Then at the beginning of each month, you are sent an email alerting you that five different shoes have been chosen for you. You can pick one of the shoes you are presented in your showroom or if you really love them all, you can choose all five! So here is the really great part, for a ShoeDazzle membership, it's only $39.95 a month and that includes the pair of shoe you choose! (If you decide to get more than one shoe then it's extra.) By chance if you decide that you really didn't like any of your picks, you can always request an alternate selection or you can skip the month.

Now, why I did I join Shoedazzle? 'Cause I love the shoes, they are all so cute! I also don't have much time to be at a store deciding what pair of shoes to buy since I'll probably spent half my lifetime at the store. Plus it helps curb my shoe habit! (Hubby does that look when he sees that the fed-ex man is here with another ShoeDazzle delivery.

Since, I've started this blog a little after the first, I'll share with you my past selections since I joined in December, and at the beginning of each month hereafter, I'll post my newest choices so stayed tuned!

These are the "Mercedes"

The "Bliss"

The "Jewel" in gray

 For more information check out the ShoeDazzle website.
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