Friday, February 19, 2010

Fashion Friday- Spring means ruffles!

If I haven't said it a million times in the past week, I'll say it a million more times- I can't wait 'till Spring.  As a born and raised NYC girl, I've learned to except the changing seasons but over the years I've developed a dislike for winter. I'm not a fan of day-old snow or getting salt and mud on my fluffy boots. I don't like hat hair or wrapping up in layers of clothing, which is so not what I look foward to when the temp reaches below 30. But, there is a silver lining to my grey cloud-Spring looks are already hitting the stores and I'm so ready! One of the the popular looks that is everywhere are ruffles. You can't really go wrong in ruffles- they are so chic and girlie girl. Just don't overdo the ruffle look; If your top has ruffles make sure your bottom piece is plain and vice-versa. So, while I get prepped for Spring by getting my bright blush and my colorful nail polish out, I leave you with a couple of my favorite pieces from a few of my favorite stores.

Tiered Ruffle Strapless Dress -Express

Denim Ruffle Mini Skirt-Express

One Shoulder Chiffon Looped Top-bebe

Colorblock Diagonal Ruffle Dress- Arden B.

Rosy Avant-Garde Skirt- Forever21

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