Monday, February 22, 2010

Must-Have Monday: Make-Up Brushes To Own.

For this Must-Have Monday blog I decided I go in on an important make-up must-have and that is make-up brushes. There are really so many to choose from and so many of them do different jobs, I decided to just narrow them down to the basics- especially to the ones I use on a daily basis.


Face Powder Brush
This would be your big fluffy dome brush and it works great to apply your powder foundation or pressed powder in order to set your make-up foundation. A face powder brush is a must since it helps to achieve the airbrush look when you lightly swirl and buff the powder onto your face.

Blush Brush
Best for applying color to the cheeks, and we must remember to always add some color to the cheeks since it keeps you looking vibrant and fresh. If applying a cream color blush a sponge applicator works best. In the case of a pressed powder or loose powder blush, a blush brush is great for giving you a sweep of color. The basic blush brush is a smaller dome shaped brush similar to the face brush and some may even have an angled head to help apply the blush directly on the apples of the cheeks.

Eye shadow Brush
An eye shadow brush is a must have in your make-up bag because you really want to avoid using your fingers to apply the color to your eyelids since the oil from your finger will get into your shadow and change the texture giving you a greasy look and may make the shadow crease. Eye shadow brushes are slim and the bristles are short and stubby, the basic eye shadow brush have square, rounded (tapered) edge tip. Eye shadow brushes are the ones that get most complicated in regards to brushes since there are so many in different shapes but they all create different looks, so just your basic shape one is the most important brush.

The following are optional brushes I included since I only use on a once in blue basis, since I find they are not completely necessary.

Concealor brushes are small thin brushes that allow you to give precise coverage in regards to the area you want to conceal. Helps you control also the amount of product you want to place on the area.

Fan Brushes are really just used to gently sweep any excess shadow powder that has fallen onto the face, or blush powder that hasn’t set off your face and brush away mistakes, it's also great to lightly apply highlighter to your face.

Contour Brushes have the bristles blunt (flat across) shape to help direct the powder into more precise lines of the face. They help create the illusion of more pronounced cheekbones and help highlight areas of the face.

Lip Brushes are small and thin, great to help outline the shape of the lips and apply lip color more evenly across the area of the lip.

Remember, this is only a short list of brushes. There are so many more that do so many other things. I also didn’t go into the regards of quality of the brushes since I believe one should spend according to budget- no need to go on a spending frenzy on brushes to get “high-end brand”. I chose the budget friendly e.l.f. brushes to feature in this blog, although you can purchase any brand brush to your liking. The most important would be brush shape and manner/technique you use them and the make-up which makes the difference. I hope this helps you sort out the brushes in your set or help you decide which to add.

All brushes can be found on e.l.f. online store

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