Monday, February 8, 2010

Must-Have Monday!

Every girl needs to have a couple of make-up staples in their bag, you know, the things you use day in- and day out with out fail. The no smudge eye-liner, voluminous mascara, lip gloss, etc.. I could go on listing the items you probably have in your travel make-up bag but it might take a while (if you're like me and take extra stuff, in case of emergencies) or your's is a bit simpler here are two items worth having and making a favorite! I ordered these e.l.f items posted after being inspired by one of my favorite upcoming fashionista - DulceCandy!

This is a Complexion Perfection powder, despite the colors you see, it goes on sheer and it's great to wear it alone or even over foundation to even out skin tone, imperfections or to cover redness. I tried it instead of wearing my usual face powder to set my foundation and it worked great! Just use a face brush, swirl lightly, tap of excess powder and apply to where ever you need coverage!

My other must have is the Eye Primer & Liner Sealer also from e.l.f. and its duo ended which makes it pefect to take and go two products at the same time. One side is an eyelid primer, which is a must to use if you would like your eyeshadow to last longer, not get oily and crease. The other side is a liner sealer which turns any eyeshadow you own into a liquid eyeliner- how awesome is that! Both products work great and are simple to use!

These products from e.l.f. directly from their online store, and the best part these products are easy on the pockets! 

e.l.f. Complexion Perfection - e.l.f. cosmetics
e.l.f. Eye Primer & Liner Sealer - e.l.f  cosmetics

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