Monday, February 8, 2010

Shoes for every month!!

Okay, so I will admit it, I'm a shoeholic, along with probably a million of other females in this world. I've now made my addiction worse thanks to Kim Kardashian's exclusive shoe society - ShoeDazzle.

What's a shoe society and what's so great about it you may ask? Well, when you sign up to ShoeDazzle, you are asked to complete a quick survey that analyzes the type style you may like and your responses are sent to their ShoeDazzle shoe stylist. Then at the beginning of each month, you are sent an email alerting you that five different shoes have been chosen for you. You can pick one of the shoes you are presented in your showroom or if you really love them all, you can choose all five! So here is the really great part, for a ShoeDazzle membership, it's only $39.95 a month and that includes the pair of shoe you choose! (If you decide to get more than one shoe then it's extra.) By chance if you decide that you really didn't like any of your picks, you can always request an alternate selection or you can skip the month.

Now, why I did I join Shoedazzle? 'Cause I love the shoes, they are all so cute! I also don't have much time to be at a store deciding what pair of shoes to buy since I'll probably spent half my lifetime at the store. Plus it helps curb my shoe habit! (Hubby does that look when he sees that the fed-ex man is here with another ShoeDazzle delivery.

Since, I've started this blog a little after the first, I'll share with you my past selections since I joined in December, and at the beginning of each month hereafter, I'll post my newest choices so stayed tuned!

These are the "Mercedes"

The "Bliss"

The "Jewel" in gray

 For more information check out the ShoeDazzle website.

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