Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday's don't forget to: Apply Make-Up Primer! The Basics.

This blog was inspired by a friend and as promised, here is my blog on make-up primer. I know some are, “Huh, what’s Make-up primer?” But, it might be one of the most important things you may decide to incorporate in your make-up regimen, if you haven’t already. I know many of us are just in a rush as it is, putting on our make-up as we a flying out the door that it sounds crazy to add an extra step in getting our face together; but I’m sure after a hectic day, before you wash your face for the night, you’re looking into the mirror saying “I look like a tired mess.” Your eyeshadow has faded, your skin feels icky and heavy with make-up, and you wonder why you even bothered at all, to do your face.

Liquid make-up, foundations, and powders after a few hours on our skin, tend to seep in and clog the pores causing break-outs and oily complexions. Also, make-up will sometimes settle into the fine lines in our face which gives us not the pleasant illusion of aging. You could have saved yourself that disappointing look by just one product. Applying make-up primer before applying foundation helps correct the problems foundation sometimes leaves us with. Make-up primer acts as barrier between the face and foundation which, in turn, prevents make-up settling in the face, creasing, and helps save our pores from drowning in make-up. Besides protecting our face, make-up primer creates a nice, even, fresh tone in preparation for applying make-up. There are even primers for your eyes to help your eyeshadows adhere and stay longer. Make-up primer is to be applied under your regular moisturizer, and you can even wear the primer alone with a touch a powder to give you that all-naturale look.

You tend to find that it’s the higher end cosmetic lines that carry make-up primer and each have their own formulation of primer. Some add brighteners to the skin while others may give you the matte look, some are even tinted (those are great to even out skin tones). Cosmetic lines also offer make-up primers for people with different skin types, such as a dry, oil, or combination complexion. With so many to choose from, I would recommend that if you are interested in a make-up primer, go to their counters and try them out. Consider how they feel on your skin and if they meet they meet the need of your type of complexion. You can always ask the beauty reps what they would personally recommend.

Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion
Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
 laura mercier Foundation Primer - Oil Free

m.a.c Prep+Prime skin

Above are some well-known primers and you can find these at Sephora or your local upscale beauty department store.

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