Saturday, February 6, 2010

Welcome from me to you :)

A million things to do and I still want to be fabulous yet practical!!

So yeah, that's the story of my life.Since this is my first blog, I feel the need to write an intro of who I am and how I came about with the idea of sharing, with my readers, the little things that make my life a bit more fun and pretty.

I'm a busy mom and wife and at the moment, I deal with beauty sales from home, and I'm also attempting to finish another four years of college. Like that isn't enough, I've been feeling the need to do a hundred and one more things because I rarely like to have a moment were the wheels in my brain are not turning.

So it leads me to here- I love shopping, make-up, fashion- all the girly girl things! I love finding great stuff for my kiddies! And I absolutely love getting stuff at great prices! To top it off I want to shop, take care of my family, find great deals, and to top it off look awesome while doing it all! (Granted, the previous may not happen all at once, but at least make an honest attempt to!) And well I thought why not combine all these great stuff in a blog to share with my readers!

So if you're looking to incorporate a bit of glam, chic, or fierceness into your daily life, despite whether you're in college, career oriented, or a stay-at-home mom (I would like to reach ladies all across the board because regardless what stage in our life we are- we would like to be fierce while we accomplish our daily task) I encourage you to join along on my ride and come away with something to add to yours!

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