Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's New Wednesday: 141 Piece Master Make-Up Collection from e.l.f.

This palette/kit was a gift for Valentine ’s Day from my hubby, so I decided it would be perfect to share for my What’s New Wednesday, since it’s one of my latest additions to my collection.
It’s from e.l.f. (I so love their products and their prices) and it’s the biggest make-up kit in their studio line. It’s the 141 Piece Master Make-Up Collection and it contains 84 eye shadows, 36 lipgloss shades, 6 blush shades, 4 bronzers, plus concealors and shimmer shades.

I really like the variety of shades the kit offers; although the eye shadows are a bit more basic tone colors, it really helps create a multitude of looks. The only thing I’m not too crazy about is the powders being really loose, so you have to be really gentle in picking up color with the brush to avoid the color powder going all over the place.

Overall, I love the set and e.l.f. carries similar smaller sets if you are interested in something more basic.

141 Piece Master Make-Up Collection from e.l.f.

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