Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 3 At-Home Microdermabrasion Review.

I'm on my third week using the Avon Anew Clinical Advanced Dermabrasion System, now on level 3. Level 3 is a much more grittier consistancy than what level 1 and 2 was- the texture reminds me of Apricot Scrub. What I can say is that in these three weeks I've definately noticed a difference; my complexion is much more even and brighter and I really have less breakouts. Only complaint is that my skin gets a bit dry after but nothing that moisturizer can't take care of.  I have two more treatments left on level 3 before I move up to level 4. After level 4 is done I'll take the two weeks off and then redo the whole cycle again.

Here is the original post on the at-home microdermabrasion system.

Tomorrow is Fashion Friday!!!! So I'll be posting some of my finds and what I'm currently feeling!!

Thursday's don't forget to: Use the Eye Creams!

So I’m slowly realizing I’m turning 26 in a couple of months and it’s reminding me I’m only a couple of years of turning 30. I figure I might as well get a head start taking care of my skin, preventing wrinkles, sun damage, and from free radicals. I’ve been using my SPF moisturizers, my night creams and my latest addition- eye cream mainly to calm the dark circle or the little puffs under my eyes from lack of sleep due to mommy stress occasionally. Now will it prevent crow’s feet or droopy eyes, that I can’t really tell you till a couple of years from now…
What really surprised me recently was when my mom asked me about recommending a good eye cream for her. My mom- asking me, about eye cream! My mom looks great for her age and I truly believe it’s a result of her taking great pride in her skin care regimen; a routine which includes old school practices such as using witch hazel astringent to tone her skin and cold cream to remove her make-up. When she applies her moisturizer, she always reminds me to apply it upwards to prevent the skin from sagging. I can’t really dispute them because her complexion is great.

She knows I’ve been working on reviewing all types of products and she knows I would never recommend a product unless I’ve tried it and seen results. Long story short- I told her about the Avon eye creams that are really great and have received awards from Allure and CEW Insiders Choice. Like I mentioned earlier it’s been in my routine (Avon Rejuvenate Day and Night Eye Cream) and I truly love it. For her I recommended the Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift since it’s for women of a more advanced age and it treats things like existing wrinkles and helps widening the eye area. The verdict is pending (I give it a whole two months to see results-I’ll fill you in).

So yeah, if your eyes are puffy with dark circles, or you are concerned about preventing or treating wrinkles think about using an eye cream. Doesn’t have to be the particular product mentioned – but just using any eye cream should help relieve, treat and prevent any eye area concerns!

Avon Anew Rejuvenate 24HR Eye Cream can be purchased from Avon.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Must-Have Trends: Pretty Colors to kick it in for spring!

For today’s blog, I’m combining Must Have Monday with Trends Tuesday because I totally feel that these spring trends are a total must-have for your closets and beauty bags!

First off, Nail Polish! I love a set of lovely new manicured nails and these colors are great for spring! So I ditched my dark nail polish and decided to go with a lighter gray-brown color and to my surprise it was a pick in the March issue of People’s Style Watch. Two other colors I’ve been wearing have been this nice soft pink and this pretty orange-red. I like the pink since it’s not too pastel of a color and this orange-red gives regular red a burst of brightness and sunshine!

For spring shoes, the trend seems to be nudes, tans, and grays. Here are just a few I really like from Urban Original.

I ordered a couple of shoes from Urban Original and I’ll post them up along with my Forever 21 order sometime this coming week.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's New Wednesday: Make-up and Lashes Review!

There are a couple of new things I wanted to share with you on What’s New Wednesday- so let’s get started! Pretty much everything shown I bought at Target while I was on my home redecorating spree, so if you’re interested in anything mentioned, you can just pick it up at your local drugstore.

Since lately I’ve been a lipstick fanatic (I have my eyes on the new MAC Lady Gaga Lipstick to add to my collection) I decided to pick up these two pretty colors. The gold case one is from L’Oreal Colour Riche in Sea Fleur which is like a pretty iridescent blue-purple with some pink; very nice if you like a darker tone lipstick. The one in the black tube is Revlon in Paparazzi Pink and it’s a Lustre formula which is a glittery shine finish. It’s really a glamorous type of pink pairs well with a casual nude or even a smoky eye look. They are both creamy, but I would suggest pair with a lipgloss or lip conditioner since the shine can tend to dry out the lips.

Next up is the new foundation make-up from Revlon- Photo Ready. The formula is supposed to give an airbrush look perfect for camera light and regular light. My opinion- I’m not a fan. Number one, not many options of shades to choose from- I had to go up a shade because the next one down would be too dark for me. The shade up ended being way light- so I had to apply a darker face powder to even the color out. Second, the foundation had sparkle to it- I guess that’s what it was supposed to make it light reflecting-I don’t know, but it made my face look like I was hit by the glitter fairy. I’m going to give it another go and see how it works out, but to date I’m not convinced.

In the mascara department I got the new Maybelline XXL Pro 24HR Bold. It’s a duo ended mascara and one side is to prime and plump, and the other end to add volume and extend. My review- it’s okay. The formula is alright and I find the length spool sticks of the mascara too short. It does make my lashes really dark but not voluminous and bold.

Last, but not least; I received my 60 eyelash set from ebay last week! It’s a huge set of false eyelashes- possibly more than I will ever use for this year, but they were at a really good price so I decided why not. They have great variety from dramatic eyelashes to really simple ones- what I’m not too crazy about is that they don’t have much a curve to their base you really have to flex them to conform to your lashes.

Skeptical about false eyelashes- you can check out youtube to find some really great tutorials on how to set false eyelashes!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trends Tuesday: Key Choice

Another short but sweet blog post and this one for Trends Tuesday- My favorite fashion trend accessory- the Key necklace. I really love anything with a key shape- it may have to do with fact I'm a lover of Disney's Kingdom Hearts- totally off subject. Anyways, a very high end jewelry store that I totally adore (starts with a T) have these in different shapes and available in silver, gold, platinum, and titanium. Since, currently purchasing one is quite not in my budget right now (maybe I’ll get lucky for my b-day if hubby is reading my blog) I’ll settle with this beautiful less expensive rendition of it from Avon. They are available in goldtone and silvertone. It really is a larger than usual pendant, but there is something so elegant about a Key Charm.  I really wouldn't be surprised if the key pendant design reaches mass market level soon- I forecast trenndddd!!!!!

Must-Have Monday: Exquisite Liquid Eyeliner

Yeah, I’m slacking, I'm so very sorry- but my kiddos upcoming b-day parties are keeping busy, busy, busy, plus I’m doing home redecorating and that’s kicking me in my tush too! But never fear, I’m back this week to bring you a late edition of Must-Have Monday, which is actually short and sweet. I went crazy in Target and picked up a couple, ehh a whole lotta stuff, (look for the items I got on my upcoming What's New Wednesday post) and well this is one of my favorite picks- L’oreal Lineur Intense Liquid liner in Carbon Black. OMG I’m like in love!!! It just glides so smooth and it’s so dark, perfect to give you that dark, dramatic cat-eye look if that’s your thing. It doesn’t dry out or get crusty either, which is great since I hate liquid eyeliner that tends to flake out on you after a while. The eyeliner is available at your local drugstore.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ongoing Review: At-Home Microdermabrasion, Week 1

For this week I decided to opt out of my usual What’s New Wednesday to let you in on my latest beauty test-try and review. So, the latest review I decided to do was on at-home facial Microdermabrasion system, in particular the ANEW Advanced Dermabrasion System from Avon for its ratings and great reviews from magazine beauty awards; and plus- it was available at a bargain price, so I was like “why not”?

Microdermabrasion is the term given to the treatment where the skin is scrubbed and polished with micro crystals to remove the dead skin cells, therefore improving the texture and complexion of the skin- just to make it short. Usually this type of treatment is done at spa, where licensed estheticians can evaluate the level of treatment to obtain the best results. Since microdermabrasion does involve potentially harsh products to the skin (remember, we are talking about heavy duty exfoliation), they can also address any issues of reactions or discomfort on the spot. These spa treatments can cost anywhere from sixty to even a more than a hundred dollars and you usually need more than one session to really see results.

So now we turn to the at-home systems, more budget friendly-yes, but is it safe you ask? We are dealing with potential reactions to the treatment. Well, possibly, but this would be more to the fact your skin maybe overly sensitive since usually these at-home microdermabrasion systems are less abrasive than the spa treatments (you get what you pay for type of deal), but they do achieve similar results according to others that have tested and compared.

 Now I go on to see if this can really be claimed and give my little tidbit about it. I used the product last night for the first time. Basically, it has a dial numbered 1-4 and every two nights and on a wet face you squeeze a quarter size amount of product starting with level 1 for the first week, moving up a level every week that passes. You scrub your face for a good two minutes and rinse off. Once you finish with level 4, it’s recommended to take a two week break and start back at level one. So my first night reaction- Not Bad!!! Product felt a little gritty, but not harsh. I rinsed and I liked- face felt refreshed, nice and bright. So, first night went well. Keep tuned to see how this whole testing thing goes!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Trends Tuesday: Bright Boyfriend Watch!

One of my favorite trends is the “boyfriend” look, to best describe the term to those unfamiliar with it, would be an item created for the female buyer with a masculine appeal. You might be able to throw in the idea of “unisex” or "oversized" in there too. It’s a style can be dressed up, dressed down- anywhere from boyfriend blazers to jeans and still looks chic paired with some heels and lip-gloss. My favorite boyfriend look accessory is making a big comeback now, especially for spring with its new bright bold colors and it’s the boyfriend watch. It’s the big, oversized link watch made to fit the dainty female wrist with a splash of color. Not crazy about the brightness- well you can always play it safe and wear an original metal link boyfriend style watch – it’s a classic!

All watches below are from Nine West

Can't go wrong with the classic oversized watch!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Must-Have Monday: Double Duty Moisturizer

All new Must-Have Monday and the beautiful, sunny weather inspired today’s item- Moisturizer! No, I’m not talking about the regular body moisturizing lotion, it’s the one all ladies should be using on a daily basis for protection against the sun- SPF Moisturizing face lotion. We shouldn’t be fooled that just because it’s not summer and the temperatures are not high, you are not at risk. We still absorb sunlight and are exposed to sun, regardless of the season. We all know too much sun exposure can cause burns, premature aging, and may factor a higher risk of developing skin cancer. We expose our face every day to these harmful effects, while usually the rest of our body is clothed (so I hope), which makes it the part of the body that is most vulnerable.

We should all be using moisturizer to give our face already that healthy glow, with or without make-up application, so why not find a moisturizer that works with the added benefits of SPF. You’ll even find that some of your make-up even already has SPF Protection added in. Remember it’s all about keeping you beautiful and being smart about it!

Below are a couple of moisturizers that contain SPF and can be found at local drugstores. You can also find that your favorite beauty counters at Department Stores have their own SPF moisturizers. These are only recomendations. When choosing a product, please select something to meet and suit your own personal needs.

Aveeno Positively Radiant with SPF 15

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15

Neutrogena oil-free moisture SPF 15

Friday, March 5, 2010

February Recap- Fashion Friday

That’s it; I’m so in love with this style, that please, have compassion for me while I ramble on about it for my February Recap of Fashion Friday. Can’t say it enough- Ruffles!!!! Love it!! Believe me when I say you are going to see it everywhere this spring and more than likely into summer. It’s so cute and chic, and a contrast to the leather and spikes we were seeing for fall and winter. So where can you find cute ruffle pieces to add to your wardrobe? Anywhere! Check out my link to my original post on some pieces I’ve had my eye on.

Well, this brings my recap of February Favorites to a close. I hope I can bring you so much more fun stuff for March, especially since we are fresh into the start of the spring season. It’s been fun starting off these first few weeks of my blog and I’m really thankful of my followers both on here and facebook. I’m really hoping I can start my third phase of this journey soon and bring these reviews to audio. So keep coming back for new updates!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

February Recap- Don't Forget to Thursday

Recapping my favorite Don’t Forget to Thursdays from February, I focused on the essentials I figure we can all add to our routine and can help protect our hair at the same time. There are various elements that can dry out our hair, such as the winter weather, excessive chemical treatments (dying, highlighting, and straightening) and direct heat styling. I wrote on two products I totally love and use on a regular basis because they’ve worked for me and I love the end result. The Ojon Hair Restorative Treatment is great for adding oils back into the hair and repairing hair cuticles that are damaged, best applied 30 minutes or more before washing hair- the longer you keep it in the better it is. I’ve also used it as a smoothing balm when I have crazy hairs sticking out after blow drying my hair. It’s also perfect for all hair types! Another product I covered was the heat protector from mark. - Salon Straight Pre-Style Protector. Great spray on product regardless if you are going for a straight look or full volume and it leaves my hair with a nice sheen and definitely made my ends look great. For more info, jump to my original post about these products and where to get them.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Recap-What's New Wednesday

I’ve been off my blogging since Friday since I’ve been feeling horrible and I just got all four wisdom teeth pulled out Tuesday–but I’m back!!! So I figure, the first week of each month I’ll recap my favorites from the last month. This one will be super condensed since I’m covering Must-Have Mondays’ and Trends Tuesdays’ I missed, as well as today’s (What’s New Wednesday).

As for February Must-Have Monday favorite, it would have to be the e.l.f Complexion Perfection powder. It has become a part of my daily fresh face routine and I use it instead of my make-up powder to set my foundation on days when I feel I need minimal coverage. It’s really light-weight and goes with every face complexion- doesn’t give a white powder tone.
e.l.f Complexion Perfection powder from e.l.f

I’m completely crazy over the boot trend I covered on Trend’s Tuesday for last month. I have a cute black leather ½ inch wedge heel calf boot and a light brown distressed leather riding boot both from Bakers that
I love! On my nights out I have a fabulous pair of thigh high 5’’ platform black leather boots from Urban Original. Like I said on my blog- you really go wrong with a pair of great boots no matter what the length.
Thigh high boots from Urban Original

As I keep you updated with the What’s New Wednesday – the new items I recently add to my collection, the mark it. make-up palette is one of my palettes I keep reaching for. It has much versatility in such a little compact. Great choice of colors makes this a universal palette for anyone of any complexion.
mark. it. make-up palette from mark.

I hope I made this easy for those getting introduced to my blog just a quick idea of what I’ve been reviewing and writing about, and to those that read my blog a quickie on my favorites I’ve covered during February.

Check-in for the rest of this week to see my picks for Don’t Forget to Thursday and Fashion Friday Favorites!
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