Thursday, March 4, 2010

February Recap- Don't Forget to Thursday

Recapping my favorite Don’t Forget to Thursdays from February, I focused on the essentials I figure we can all add to our routine and can help protect our hair at the same time. There are various elements that can dry out our hair, such as the winter weather, excessive chemical treatments (dying, highlighting, and straightening) and direct heat styling. I wrote on two products I totally love and use on a regular basis because they’ve worked for me and I love the end result. The Ojon Hair Restorative Treatment is great for adding oils back into the hair and repairing hair cuticles that are damaged, best applied 30 minutes or more before washing hair- the longer you keep it in the better it is. I’ve also used it as a smoothing balm when I have crazy hairs sticking out after blow drying my hair. It’s also perfect for all hair types! Another product I covered was the heat protector from mark. - Salon Straight Pre-Style Protector. Great spray on product regardless if you are going for a straight look or full volume and it leaves my hair with a nice sheen and definitely made my ends look great. For more info, jump to my original post about these products and where to get them.

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