Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ongoing Review: At-Home Microdermabrasion, Week 1

For this week I decided to opt out of my usual What’s New Wednesday to let you in on my latest beauty test-try and review. So, the latest review I decided to do was on at-home facial Microdermabrasion system, in particular the ANEW Advanced Dermabrasion System from Avon for its ratings and great reviews from magazine beauty awards; and plus- it was available at a bargain price, so I was like “why not”?

Microdermabrasion is the term given to the treatment where the skin is scrubbed and polished with micro crystals to remove the dead skin cells, therefore improving the texture and complexion of the skin- just to make it short. Usually this type of treatment is done at spa, where licensed estheticians can evaluate the level of treatment to obtain the best results. Since microdermabrasion does involve potentially harsh products to the skin (remember, we are talking about heavy duty exfoliation), they can also address any issues of reactions or discomfort on the spot. These spa treatments can cost anywhere from sixty to even a more than a hundred dollars and you usually need more than one session to really see results.

So now we turn to the at-home systems, more budget friendly-yes, but is it safe you ask? We are dealing with potential reactions to the treatment. Well, possibly, but this would be more to the fact your skin maybe overly sensitive since usually these at-home microdermabrasion systems are less abrasive than the spa treatments (you get what you pay for type of deal), but they do achieve similar results according to others that have tested and compared.

 Now I go on to see if this can really be claimed and give my little tidbit about it. I used the product last night for the first time. Basically, it has a dial numbered 1-4 and every two nights and on a wet face you squeeze a quarter size amount of product starting with level 1 for the first week, moving up a level every week that passes. You scrub your face for a good two minutes and rinse off. Once you finish with level 4, it’s recommended to take a two week break and start back at level one. So my first night reaction- Not Bad!!! Product felt a little gritty, but not harsh. I rinsed and I liked- face felt refreshed, nice and bright. So, first night went well. Keep tuned to see how this whole testing thing goes!

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