Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's New Wednesday: Make-up and Lashes Review!

There are a couple of new things I wanted to share with you on What’s New Wednesday- so let’s get started! Pretty much everything shown I bought at Target while I was on my home redecorating spree, so if you’re interested in anything mentioned, you can just pick it up at your local drugstore.

Since lately I’ve been a lipstick fanatic (I have my eyes on the new MAC Lady Gaga Lipstick to add to my collection) I decided to pick up these two pretty colors. The gold case one is from L’Oreal Colour Riche in Sea Fleur which is like a pretty iridescent blue-purple with some pink; very nice if you like a darker tone lipstick. The one in the black tube is Revlon in Paparazzi Pink and it’s a Lustre formula which is a glittery shine finish. It’s really a glamorous type of pink pairs well with a casual nude or even a smoky eye look. They are both creamy, but I would suggest pair with a lipgloss or lip conditioner since the shine can tend to dry out the lips.

Next up is the new foundation make-up from Revlon- Photo Ready. The formula is supposed to give an airbrush look perfect for camera light and regular light. My opinion- I’m not a fan. Number one, not many options of shades to choose from- I had to go up a shade because the next one down would be too dark for me. The shade up ended being way light- so I had to apply a darker face powder to even the color out. Second, the foundation had sparkle to it- I guess that’s what it was supposed to make it light reflecting-I don’t know, but it made my face look like I was hit by the glitter fairy. I’m going to give it another go and see how it works out, but to date I’m not convinced.

In the mascara department I got the new Maybelline XXL Pro 24HR Bold. It’s a duo ended mascara and one side is to prime and plump, and the other end to add volume and extend. My review- it’s okay. The formula is alright and I find the length spool sticks of the mascara too short. It does make my lashes really dark but not voluminous and bold.

Last, but not least; I received my 60 eyelash set from ebay last week! It’s a huge set of false eyelashes- possibly more than I will ever use for this year, but they were at a really good price so I decided why not. They have great variety from dramatic eyelashes to really simple ones- what I’m not too crazy about is that they don’t have much a curve to their base you really have to flex them to conform to your lashes.

Skeptical about false eyelashes- you can check out youtube to find some really great tutorials on how to set false eyelashes!

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