Friday, April 9, 2010

Fashion Friday: Newest Spring Picks!

Decided to post up a couple of things I picked up within the past couple of weeks!

These are three pairs I ordered from Urban Original. A pair a gray flats with a rose detail and black flats with a gold/pearl detail. I figure flats are great for doing those on the rush errands and I have to be out the door in a hurry. The heels are cute lace-up booties which pair up greatly with an arrange of outfits.

I got these scarves at a little fashion boutique and they where 5 bucks each! The one on the left is white and yellow and the left has a mix of red, coral, gold, and turquoise. These are great add-ons to a pair of shorts or jeans with a tank top. They add a splash of color and are great for these days that turn unexpectedly cold!

I got this headband from Forever 21 cause it was so colorful! Again great piece to add color to a plain outfit or hairstyle!

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