Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Looking for a new fragrance? Basics to help you pick a great perfume!

My last weekend mission of finding a new perfume to add to my collection is what inspired me to write today’s blog. I know sometimes we tend to just go run a pick up a perfume we immediately smell on someone else or when we are bombarded at the perfume counters and then end up hating it and realizing “it’s not your scent.”  Choosing a new perfume is quite a task and here are some tips that will hopefully help you out the next time you are on the hunt for a new fragrance. 

The first thing when picking a perfume one needs to be a bit familiar with the types of fragrances.  You have a wide range of floral, oriental, woody, citrus, and fruity- just to name the basics and all speak –well “smell” for themselves.  Most fragrances will combine different scents of each category or mix different smells from other categories to create a fragrance.  Here is where we get a bit complex – but I bet this will help you picking out great perfume- or help you figure out why you love your favorite perfume so much.    

Besides picking out a perfume based on just the type of fragrance it is you can also choose or narrow them down based on their notes. Every fragrance has different level of notes- or scents that come together.  Top notes in a fragrance are the scents you first smell when you spray it on, mid notes are the scents you take in a couple of moments later which add a more to the top notes of a fragrance, and the base notes is the scent that lingers once the top and mid notes are gone and give the fragrance it’s depth.  The mid and base notes are the scents that make a perfume smell great on someone else, and when you try it- you’re not flattered, and it’s usually of course- different people’s body chemistry will change the way these notes smell.

Now that you know this useful information- when you go choosing a fragrance this is where it all adds up.  Pick up samples of the perfume you are interested in.  Don’t go by how a perfume smells on paper either- remember it will smell different on you.  Try a liquid sample at the counter or store.  See if you enjoy the top notes on your first whiff –but don’t ever try on more than two perfumes in a visit, and only one perfume on each wrist! Remember you want to enjoy the mid notes and base notes in a perfume; you want to smell the depth to the fragrance. This might be the deal breaker on some perfume- they either smell great when you spray it on and then thirty minutes later- it’s vanished, or you can get that perfume that was okay when you spritz on but it lingers for hours and you can’t get enough of it. 

Hopefully, this has been useful – and it’ll help you pick up something more precise to your taste when selecting a perfume. I’ll post my top 5 perfume picks and the most recent perfume I picked up along with info on their category and notes!

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