Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two Tone Lips - plus news on my A La Mode Blog!

I recently posted this link on my facebook page about the two toned lip look and I really like this look!!! I decided to share here on my blog. Of course I wouldn't don this look out on a normal day, but maybe for a night out at the club possibly?! I mean it really does look fresh and you can mix and match a whole assortment of colors to add your own flare to this look! I might upload some pics of what looks I came across.

So yeah besides this being a quick post, just wanted to add that I will be changing the format on how I've been posting here on the A La Mode blog.  I really haven't had to post my daily blogs, so it will be a little more random on the days I post. However, there will be little tid bits here and there daily on my facebook page! So if you haven't become a fan on facebook of the blog, please do!! You'll definately find little stuff I don't get a chance to post here on that page!

 Miss Mandii :)

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