Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beauty Buys A La Mode for May!

So we’ve come to the end of May and as the end of the month gets around, as usual, I post my beauty buys for the month and reviews – so here goes!!
*ps - sorry for the grainy pics- working off my Blackberry camera!

 I went on a lipstick buying binge this month and bought three new lipsticks. The two gold tubes are the L’Oreal Colour Riche, Fairest Nude is the light pink/nude color and Volcanic is a nice coral/orange red color.  Fairest Nude is a popular pick amongst the beauty gurus because of the slight hint of pink this nude has and it’s just great.  The other lipstick I picked up was Revlon Soft Nude.  I love all three colors and their formulation is great- they apply nice and smooth and are long lasting.

One of my vices is mascara, I have tons of different mascaras because I love to try them all! From lengthening to volumizing – I need them.  So of course I needed to try the new Covergirl  LashBlastFusion.  It’s a mascara that does both adds volume and lengthens.  I love it!! Two coats works great for me!

Another mascara that I bought this month that I very particular to- Avon’s SuperShock Waterproof mascara. The formula to this mascara is silky and does add volume, my only qualm – it being waterproof.  I guess since I have naturally “glazey” eyes and I’m always tearing, waterproof is a no go for me, but in all a great mascara 

With the summer being here I decided to order this beautiful yellow nail polish from Avon.  This color is Sunshine – very fitting for the color! It’s bright, goes on great, and long lasting with regular touch – ups.

I got this top coat for when I do my nails since I’ve heard around the beauty blog circles that this top coat dries your nails super fast and helps your nail color last.  I can say this top coat makes the process of waiting your nails to dry, super quick! As long lasting- I found my nail color to last just as long with a regular top coat.

I saw this eye-shadow featured in People Style Watch and I couldn’t understand why it never stood out to me before since I’m a mark. beauty product fan.  The color is Cake and it’s a pretty shimmery pink and it’s so versatile that besides using it as a basic eye-shadow, you can use it as an under eyebrow highlight or even as a highlight on the cheeks!

I’m hoping to do a Youtube Review on my May beauty buys so I can give a demo and in depth review!
These products can be purchased at your local beauty/ drugstore and for Avon/mark. products contact your local rep.

Miss Mandii J

Monday, May 24, 2010

At home Natural Beauty Treatment "Recipes" - Hair Masks!

Today’s blog is a continuing post in regards to my at home natural beauty treatment “recipes”.   Last time I covered “recipes” for face and body scrubs link here.  Topic for today is: Hair Masks! 

I usually get asked what’s my secret for my shiny hair (at one point, long) – and in reality, I have none.  I just really enjoy 5 mins in the shower with any conditioner I so happen to be using at the moment.  Lately though, I’ve been really hating all the chemical damage I had done to my hair (hair color) that I was getting irritated at the thought of “conditioning” my hair with more chemicals. I had remembered when I was little my mom used to make at home hair conditioners for my and sister and I and can honestly tell you that my hair was really at it’s best during that time.  So here I am now, writing on at home treatments and I can give you some really great mixtures that will improve your hair. I’ll actually be going in on these treatments too, so I’ll be updating on my blog on the results!!

Hair Mask Treatment “Recipes” Include these basic ingredients, how simple can it get?!

For best results, leave in treatment for 30 minutes, covered by a plastic shower cap, then shampoo thoroughly.

-Olive Oil, Avocado, Mayo
  These 3 ingredients each used alone are great for the hair.  They are rich in oils and nutrients that are great for the scalp and hair follicles. You can mash the avocado, stir in some mayo along with some Olive Oil and get a hair mask that is thick in consistency along with getting all the benefits each ingredient provides altogether!

-Banana, Yogurt, Honey
Sounds like a smoothie but these three ingredients work great for the hair. Bananas are great for improving hair elasticity and dry ends.  Yogurt’s lactic acid provides benefits to the hair along with honey with both add moisture and shine to the hair.

-Coconut milk/Cream
This treatment can be used in combination with avocado or banana, honey or olive oil. It’s really your pick.  The main ingredient will be the coconut milk or cream (your choice also).  Coconut is the main ingredient in this treatment because of not only the natural oils it contains, but also for it’s nourishing properties.

Hope you enjoy trying these treatments out! Comment on how they work for you!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

At home Natural Beauty Treatment "Recipes" - Scrubs!

Natural beauty is the best beauty, and wouldn’t it be great if we could use natural products to achieve that all organic splendor?  Well, that’s what I was thinking when I coming up with the idea of writing a blog post of at-home spa treatments.  I wanted include various all natural facial and body scrubs, as well as hair masks and body soak treatments.  Eventually, I found and came up with soooo many natural ingredients and “recipes” that it’s just overwhelming to incorporate all in one post. So over the course of a couple weeks I’ll do it in segments, starting off with all natural facial and body scrubs.

 Scrubs are a great way to exfoliate the skin, remove the dead cells and prep it for moisturizing so the skin can hydrate itself faster. It’s great to use scrubs especially before going tanning or using self- tanners to have an even coverage and plus, it leaves your skin glowing.

 There are plenty of natural ingredients you can use to make scrubs, as well as masks and soaks.  Scrubs usually consist of three main things.  An exfoliant, a base ingredient (an ingredient that provides nourishment, moisture, refreshment, toning) and third, what I call a binding ingredient, something that will hold the base and the exfoliant together to create a paste.

 Natural ingredients that work as exfoliants are sugar (granulated/brown), sea salt, coffee grinds, walnut shell grinds, baking soda, oats, grinded pomegranate seeds, and corn flour just to name a few and each have their own properties.  Coffee grinds are great to wake up and firm the skin, baking soda to tone and clarify, pomegranate seeds add anti-oxidant properties, and corn flour treats dryness.

 Natural binders to use in a scrub would be olive oil to moisturize or honey.  You can even substitute these for other oils such as lavender, peppermint, or spearmint oil to create aromatherapy scrubs!

 You can combine the exfoliants and the binders with an array of base ingredients to create a scrub that will meet your needs.  Below are some basic face/body scrubs “recipe treatments” and substitutes.  I won’t include measurements, because you can adjust the scrub to how coarse or soft to your liking and you may want to make extra to bottle and give away!!

 -Remember to avoid anything you may be allergic to, and test patch!!! -
 *Indicates what it can it be substituted for

-Toning Scrub-
Great to clean and tone the face and body, basic scrub.

Sugar, Lemon, honey

*(Sugar)-Brown Sugar, (Lemon)- Grapefruit, Orange, Lime, Pineapple

-Moisturizing Scrub-
Relieve dryness and hydrates the skin.

Sea Salt,  Avocado, Olive Oil

*(Sea Salt)- Grinded Walnut Shells,( Avocado)- Banana

-Nourishing Scrub-
Adds vitamins and anti-oxidants

Grinded Pomegrante seeds, Mango, honey

*(Pomegranate Seeds) –Sugar, brown sugar  (Mango)- Peach

I’ll be coming up with some other more “personalized” concoctions later that I’ll post! So keep checking back!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

April Beauty Buys

I didn't do much beauty shopping for the month of April since I was so caught up in my little ones' birthdays. I had bought myself a couple of perfumes that I had written about in my past blog- you can check that out on my main page, and pretty much the rest of the stuff posted up on the side. Details on the products below!

This is Rio Bikini from mark. I got it 'cause it smells like a day at the beach- Suntan oil, coconut, ocean, and lotion! I love my high end perfumes, but this one always puts me in a tropical mood.

This mascara has been out for a while - Telescopic Explosion from L'Oreal- the mascara wand is crazy, it looks like a torture device, but used properly it leaves my lashes looking awesome! Loves it!!

I needed a new quick make-up remover and I love wipes. I picked these up since it said hydrating- I like these, but they make my face feel a bit oily. I guess it's great if you have really dry skin.

Picked up this two Mac products too- One on the left is The Studio Fix Fluid, which I love!!!! Great coverage, but it has to be done right! The one on the right is Strobe Light, which is an illuminizer - great to highlight and give you a glow when the skin looks dull. 

You might notice that the pics are a better quality because I have my cam back- so the pics should look great from here on! Any questions just comment down below or pop on to my facebook page
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