Thursday, May 13, 2010

April Beauty Buys

I didn't do much beauty shopping for the month of April since I was so caught up in my little ones' birthdays. I had bought myself a couple of perfumes that I had written about in my past blog- you can check that out on my main page, and pretty much the rest of the stuff posted up on the side. Details on the products below!

This is Rio Bikini from mark. I got it 'cause it smells like a day at the beach- Suntan oil, coconut, ocean, and lotion! I love my high end perfumes, but this one always puts me in a tropical mood.

This mascara has been out for a while - Telescopic Explosion from L'Oreal- the mascara wand is crazy, it looks like a torture device, but used properly it leaves my lashes looking awesome! Loves it!!

I needed a new quick make-up remover and I love wipes. I picked these up since it said hydrating- I like these, but they make my face feel a bit oily. I guess it's great if you have really dry skin.

Picked up this two Mac products too- One on the left is The Studio Fix Fluid, which I love!!!! Great coverage, but it has to be done right! The one on the right is Strobe Light, which is an illuminizer - great to highlight and give you a glow when the skin looks dull. 

You might notice that the pics are a better quality because I have my cam back- so the pics should look great from here on! Any questions just comment down below or pop on to my facebook page

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