Tuesday, May 18, 2010

At home Natural Beauty Treatment "Recipes" - Scrubs!

Natural beauty is the best beauty, and wouldn’t it be great if we could use natural products to achieve that all organic splendor?  Well, that’s what I was thinking when I coming up with the idea of writing a blog post of at-home spa treatments.  I wanted include various all natural facial and body scrubs, as well as hair masks and body soak treatments.  Eventually, I found and came up with soooo many natural ingredients and “recipes” that it’s just overwhelming to incorporate all in one post. So over the course of a couple weeks I’ll do it in segments, starting off with all natural facial and body scrubs.

 Scrubs are a great way to exfoliate the skin, remove the dead cells and prep it for moisturizing so the skin can hydrate itself faster. It’s great to use scrubs especially before going tanning or using self- tanners to have an even coverage and plus, it leaves your skin glowing.

 There are plenty of natural ingredients you can use to make scrubs, as well as masks and soaks.  Scrubs usually consist of three main things.  An exfoliant, a base ingredient (an ingredient that provides nourishment, moisture, refreshment, toning) and third, what I call a binding ingredient, something that will hold the base and the exfoliant together to create a paste.

 Natural ingredients that work as exfoliants are sugar (granulated/brown), sea salt, coffee grinds, walnut shell grinds, baking soda, oats, grinded pomegranate seeds, and corn flour just to name a few and each have their own properties.  Coffee grinds are great to wake up and firm the skin, baking soda to tone and clarify, pomegranate seeds add anti-oxidant properties, and corn flour treats dryness.

 Natural binders to use in a scrub would be olive oil to moisturize or honey.  You can even substitute these for other oils such as lavender, peppermint, or spearmint oil to create aromatherapy scrubs!

 You can combine the exfoliants and the binders with an array of base ingredients to create a scrub that will meet your needs.  Below are some basic face/body scrubs “recipe treatments” and substitutes.  I won’t include measurements, because you can adjust the scrub to how coarse or soft to your liking and you may want to make extra to bottle and give away!!

 -Remember to avoid anything you may be allergic to, and test patch!!! -
 *Indicates what it can it be substituted for

-Toning Scrub-
Great to clean and tone the face and body, basic scrub.

Sugar, Lemon, honey

*(Sugar)-Brown Sugar, (Lemon)- Grapefruit, Orange, Lime, Pineapple

-Moisturizing Scrub-
Relieve dryness and hydrates the skin.

Sea Salt,  Avocado, Olive Oil

*(Sea Salt)- Grinded Walnut Shells,( Avocado)- Banana

-Nourishing Scrub-
Adds vitamins and anti-oxidants

Grinded Pomegrante seeds, Mango, honey

*(Pomegranate Seeds) –Sugar, brown sugar  (Mango)- Peach

I’ll be coming up with some other more “personalized” concoctions later that I’ll post! So keep checking back!

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