Monday, May 24, 2010

At home Natural Beauty Treatment "Recipes" - Hair Masks!

Today’s blog is a continuing post in regards to my at home natural beauty treatment “recipes”.   Last time I covered “recipes” for face and body scrubs link here.  Topic for today is: Hair Masks! 

I usually get asked what’s my secret for my shiny hair (at one point, long) – and in reality, I have none.  I just really enjoy 5 mins in the shower with any conditioner I so happen to be using at the moment.  Lately though, I’ve been really hating all the chemical damage I had done to my hair (hair color) that I was getting irritated at the thought of “conditioning” my hair with more chemicals. I had remembered when I was little my mom used to make at home hair conditioners for my and sister and I and can honestly tell you that my hair was really at it’s best during that time.  So here I am now, writing on at home treatments and I can give you some really great mixtures that will improve your hair. I’ll actually be going in on these treatments too, so I’ll be updating on my blog on the results!!

Hair Mask Treatment “Recipes” Include these basic ingredients, how simple can it get?!

For best results, leave in treatment for 30 minutes, covered by a plastic shower cap, then shampoo thoroughly.

-Olive Oil, Avocado, Mayo
  These 3 ingredients each used alone are great for the hair.  They are rich in oils and nutrients that are great for the scalp and hair follicles. You can mash the avocado, stir in some mayo along with some Olive Oil and get a hair mask that is thick in consistency along with getting all the benefits each ingredient provides altogether!

-Banana, Yogurt, Honey
Sounds like a smoothie but these three ingredients work great for the hair. Bananas are great for improving hair elasticity and dry ends.  Yogurt’s lactic acid provides benefits to the hair along with honey with both add moisture and shine to the hair.

-Coconut milk/Cream
This treatment can be used in combination with avocado or banana, honey or olive oil. It’s really your pick.  The main ingredient will be the coconut milk or cream (your choice also).  Coconut is the main ingredient in this treatment because of not only the natural oils it contains, but also for it’s nourishing properties.

Hope you enjoy trying these treatments out! Comment on how they work for you!

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