Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Maybelline's The Falsies Mascara Review

Okay, so this mascara has been out for just about a month or so - still fairly new to the market and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it since I love all types of mascara.  This being Maybelline's newest edition I expected nothing but greatness and I was not disappointed at all!!

The formula promised to deliver bold and volume intense lashes end to end, with a formula enriched with pro-keratin and fibre. The spool/brush of the mascara had a different look that regular mascara's tend to have- this one being curved. (Therefore manipulation of the wand to get even coated on the lashes may take a bit of practice.) 

You can see in the before and after pics the mascara did in fact elongate my lashes and gave them bold color. The mascara brush was even able to reach to the outer corner of my lashes, which I find lots of mascaras don't. Personally, I even love the cute wispy edges of lashes!!! In all - the formula is great, not clumpy, flaky, or watery and it goes on smoothly. This mascara is a must-have!

I say to totally finish up and complete the "falsie" go under the upper lash line and over with dark eyeliner. 

If you have tried this mascara or have questions or comments- feel free to post up down below!!

Miss Mandii :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Miss Mandii A la Mode is on Bloglovin!

Hey my loves!!! If you are fans of blogs and want to follow them all in one convenient place, I suggest you check out Bloglovin. It has tons of blogs in their que, plus Miss Mandii A La Mode is on it too! You can click here to become a follower of A La Mode on Bloglovin, or go to the button on the right hand side on my page!

Miss Mandii :)

My Pink Me up for the Summer!

So this was supposed to go live yesterday, for National Pink day 6/23, but the kiddies had me sidetracked after a long afternoon at the beach!!
A nice healthy glow is a must for the summer and of course, we can achieve that with a good accent of blush on the apples of our cheeks! Pretty much any blush would do and in any rosy tone, regardless if it's drugstore or high-end you'll be sure to be pleased with nice flush of color.

I picked six blushes to showcase, they are all similar in color but three are from mark./AVON and the other three are from Nars.

Sunlove glo is a dark peach pink, somewhat coral in color and a matte blush and is best used with a very light hand since you don't want to look overdone in this blush, but it is still buildable to work up to the right color you'll like.

Hushbaby is a mosaic blush consisting of a brown pink, pink, and peach pink tones which blended together work very well on a variety of skin tones. This blush works great as an illuminator over foundation to give you that nice shimmer of color without it being too overbearing. 

Afterglo is the most notorious of the mark. blushes because many beauty bloggers tend to describe this blush as a dupe (exact copy) of the very popular Nars blush - Orgasm.  Afterglo is a peachy pink (more pink) and it does have slight shimmer to it, but I find I have to be a little more heavy handed on picking up color with afterglo to achieve the same color results as Orgasm, but I must admit once applied, it's hard to tell the difference between the two.

These are the Nars Blushes

Orgasm is pinky peach color and has gold shimmer in it so it really does add a bit of a golden flush to your complexion but not enough to make you look glittery,

Super Orgasm is the super charged version of orgasm (think 10x the color intensity). This one I would recommend to definitely apply with a light hand so you won't overdo on the shimmer. Besides that, the amount of shimmer does work for some skin tones, especially more tan complexions since it does add more warmth into the skin tone making it appear dewy. 

Sin is more a dusty rose, great for those with darker complexions. I chose this on because in the summer I do tend to get really dark and some of these blushes will not show up too well on me. Sin does give me that extra umph in color and at the same time it's not matte so I do get a glow in my complexion as well.

Hope this gives you some great ideas on what blushes to play with for the summer! Any questions just comment down below!

Miss Mandii :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

My Current Bronzer Picks for that "Summer Glow"

I love that summer is here and I can enjoy some extra time in the sun and get a bit of color back into my "tan" complexion, but for the past couple of years I've really been more protective about how much sun exposure I put myself under since those UV rays have been killer out there. I make sure to put on my SPF lotion and I take care not to over bake my face. Usually this results in my face being just a tad lighter, but I correct this by using the following bronzers that even out my face tone and give me that nice all-over "summer glow".

smashbox - Halo Glow Color Boosting Powder

This is one my favorite powders because it does exactly it's meant to do. It enhances your skin tone to a beautiful bronze no matter what color complexion you are and the fact that it looks so natural makes even better. Besides being great as a bronzer, it works just as awesome when you use it as a face powder alone without foundation. I love using it when I'm in a rush and I want to look done. 

NARS- Bronzer in Casino

All the beauty buffs are familiar with Nars' Bronzer, Laguna - but as much as I loved it's color, it's way to light for my complexion. So I went a little deeper with Casino and it's color is a dream on my skin tone (I'm an NC42-43 MAC) . I use this bronzer more for a deeper golden look that looks great if applied on the cheeks, temples and forehead - and can even be as a contouring powder it applied with a heavier hand. 

mark.- Glowdacious Illuminating Powder in Shimmied Up

This powder definitely gives that "glow" you look for in the summer - but be warned this is very shimmery, but not glitter shimmer, so it's tolerable. I normally use this powder over my foundation as a "highlighter" because it illuminates my skin tone but it doesn't make it too light still leaving me with a nice hint of color!  If you are looking for a more bronzed look- there is also Amped Up which is quite darker than this powder. 

If you have any bronzers that you love to use to compliment your summer skin make sure to share in the comments!!

Miss Mandii :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Had a Girl Night Out at Shecky's!!!

If you haven't heard about this event yet, consider yourself now enlightened! Shecky's Girls Night Out is an event you get to share with a couple of your BFF's (or self) indulging in shopping and getting to see the latest fashion and beauty trends all while enjoying drinks and having a great time! You also get a goodie bag to take home filled with great products and samples! 

I was able to attend Shecky's opening night of the four night long event here in NYC (June 15-19). The event was being held down in SOHO - 82 Mercer, and to my surprise there was really no long lines to enter the venue, I was greeted promptly and was able to pick up my tickets with no hassle (admission w/ goodie bag  can range $20-$40) . 

Inside I was able to check out the vendors which carried and array of items from beautiful artisan jewelry, designer clothes,cosmetics, bath and body creams, and candles. There was also a wine pairing mini seminar, along with Maybelline offering makeovers and consultations. I can't forget to include that there where a couple of cocktail stations featuring drinks from companies like Bacardi, Budweiser, Midori and wine tasting by Polka Dot.  

Unfortunately didn't bring my regular cam with me to take pics of the venue to give you a more in depth look into the Shecky's event, but I made sure that I made my goodie bag stay intact so I could post up pictures!!

This bag was stuffed and heavy!!

Just some of the products included in the bag!!

The next event Shecky's is holding is a wine and food tasting event in August here in NYC - I will most likely be going and I'll make sure to keep you updated on that!!

You can click on the link to take you to Skecky's website to check out any events in your city!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Quickie no fuss Glue on Nails!

On my last post, I wrote on how amazed I was by the Kiss Lightening Speed Gel Tip kit that I decided to give one of their other products a try. This time I went with the Kiss Everlasting French which are basically full press-on nails. Now this I was really skeptical about because I've done these before years ago and they have looked full on cheesy and fake, but I don't know what they have done to the product, glue, nails - they looked unbelievable after I had put them on. Best of all, I've been wearing them for five days and they are still on! I love this product so much I'm buying a stack of these!!
Basically the kit includes the set of glue-on nails, a nail file, and pink nail glue.

Next you just pick out and sort the nails according to the corresponding nail that would fit your nail bed. Make sure the nail is not too wide or too small, you may need to file down the sides for a better fit. I would then use the nail file to lightly buff your natural nails to leave a clean surface so the glue-on nails can adhere better.

Just place glue on your natural nail, making sure to completely cover the nail and then place the glue-on nail firmly starting from the bottom to the tips making sure you leave no gaps. If you do notice a gap, lift the nail quickly and re-glue.This is to prevent water or debris getting under the nail. Once you get all the nails on you can remove the tabs and file them down to the shape you like.

These glue-on's can last more than 5-6 days and after a week you should remove them, just so your natural nail doesn't weaken and you can let your nails breathe. I love these nails now because they are less harsh than acrylic nails and they really do look great, especially if you just need a quick nail pick-me up!

If you've tried them before or any questions or comments, hit me up! 

Ms Mandii :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Easy Salon French Tips at Home

Honestly the last time I tried these do-it-yourself nail kits was ages ago, and my nails looked no where close to the way your nails come out after a visit to the nail salon. So after I saw a Youtube "How To" on this kit, I was amazed at how great the nails looked and I decided to give it a go myself.

The kit I bought was the Kiss Lightning Speed Dip Powder Manicure and it was $12 at my local beauty supply. I was like great, not expensive!

The kit comes with French Tips and clear tips, and for better visual demonstration I decided to go with the French tips. It also includes a nail file, nail buff, brush-on gel, acrylic dip powder, and gel activator. (I decided to use my dear sister as my test subject so she can also give me her thoughts on the nail product.)

First step was to measure the tips to get the right size for each nail and file them around the edges for a custom fit if necessary. You would then place the brush on gel on the nail tip and press on to your natural nail.

After gluing all the tips on, you can cut the nails to the desired length and shape them with the nail file.

You then apply the brush-on glue on each nail and individually dip each nail into the acrylic dip powder, applying a second coat of gel over the powder on the nail. After completing the second application of gel to each nail, you spray the nails with the gel activator. You should get a nice glossy coat!

After spraying the gel activator I did another coat of brush-on gel after buffing the tips just to reassure myself the nails had a nice even coat. Couple minutes later I was done!

The end result was quite nice, but the tragedy was that the nails unfortunately did not make it past one day! ( I should mention my sister decided to wash dishes right after- so water exposure immediately after applying is not recommended). My final judgement? - Here's the list:

- Two sets for approx. $13 (Bargain)
- Quick DIY tips
- Chemicals used are less abrasive than salon chemicals
- No heavy duty nail machinery used, less damage to your natural nails
- Final result - looks very nice!

-Not designed for long term wear - last about 2-5 days (depending how you treat them)
- Might be a bit difficult at first to apply, cut, and shape the tips on oneself at first.

In all, I was surprised how nice they came out and how easy it seemed, so it would definitely be a must-try in my book. I hope you enjoy my take on it - leave comments if you've tried this kit yourself!

Ms Mandii :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

MAC's Back to the Beach Collection- A Miss Mandii Want!

Short Simple and Sweet - I love MAC's latest collection- Back to the Beach! It's official launch date was May 27, 2010. Below I posted a pic on what the whole collection is made up of. All the colors are great for fun in the sun! I'm loving the highlight powder and the lip glass colors! MAC Counter here I come!! I'll post a review once I get my hands on it!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Latest in Nails! Minx and Shellac

Recently I was discussing with a good friend to me and my blog about these two new nail innovations – Minx Nails and Shellac Nail Polish from CND.  Lovers of pretty nails are all too familiar with the hassle of waiting for nail polish to dry and chipped nails a day or two after getting a nice coat of color. Well these two products are supposed to leave those nail polish woes behind. 

Minx nails foils are a popular trend among the Hollywood stars.  This product consist of high shine metallic foils that cover the nail and is applied with a special file, the result- a beautiful hi-shine nail “color”. The foils apparently last for days, longer than a traditional nail polish, and the process to apply and take off is fairly quick.  There are an array of designs and colors to choose for Minx nail foils.

Shellac nails are a process developed by CND and it’s a special nail polish that is cured under UV lights. If you’ve ever gotten gel nails/tips done, the the process is very similar. A base is applied and two coats of the Shellac nail polish placed under the lights and you are done. The specialty nail polish states to have long staying power vs. that of a regular nail polish. The choices of Shellac Nail polish is limited since it’s fairly new product, but I’m sure there will be more colors produced once these nail polishes have reached the mass market.

These two products can only be found at specialty nail salons, so I suggest getting in touch or searching across the internet for a nail salon in your area that specializes in these services.

I’m planning on trying these two new products out so as soon as I’m on the ball, I’m sure to post a review!

Ms Mandii J      
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