Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Easy Salon French Tips at Home

Honestly the last time I tried these do-it-yourself nail kits was ages ago, and my nails looked no where close to the way your nails come out after a visit to the nail salon. So after I saw a Youtube "How To" on this kit, I was amazed at how great the nails looked and I decided to give it a go myself.

The kit I bought was the Kiss Lightning Speed Dip Powder Manicure and it was $12 at my local beauty supply. I was like great, not expensive!

The kit comes with French Tips and clear tips, and for better visual demonstration I decided to go with the French tips. It also includes a nail file, nail buff, brush-on gel, acrylic dip powder, and gel activator. (I decided to use my dear sister as my test subject so she can also give me her thoughts on the nail product.)

First step was to measure the tips to get the right size for each nail and file them around the edges for a custom fit if necessary. You would then place the brush on gel on the nail tip and press on to your natural nail.

After gluing all the tips on, you can cut the nails to the desired length and shape them with the nail file.

You then apply the brush-on glue on each nail and individually dip each nail into the acrylic dip powder, applying a second coat of gel over the powder on the nail. After completing the second application of gel to each nail, you spray the nails with the gel activator. You should get a nice glossy coat!

After spraying the gel activator I did another coat of brush-on gel after buffing the tips just to reassure myself the nails had a nice even coat. Couple minutes later I was done!

The end result was quite nice, but the tragedy was that the nails unfortunately did not make it past one day! ( I should mention my sister decided to wash dishes right after- so water exposure immediately after applying is not recommended). My final judgement? - Here's the list:

- Two sets for approx. $13 (Bargain)
- Quick DIY tips
- Chemicals used are less abrasive than salon chemicals
- No heavy duty nail machinery used, less damage to your natural nails
- Final result - looks very nice!

-Not designed for long term wear - last about 2-5 days (depending how you treat them)
- Might be a bit difficult at first to apply, cut, and shape the tips on oneself at first.

In all, I was surprised how nice they came out and how easy it seemed, so it would definitely be a must-try in my book. I hope you enjoy my take on it - leave comments if you've tried this kit yourself!

Ms Mandii :)

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