Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Latest in Nails! Minx and Shellac

Recently I was discussing with a good friend to me and my blog about these two new nail innovations – Minx Nails and Shellac Nail Polish from CND.  Lovers of pretty nails are all too familiar with the hassle of waiting for nail polish to dry and chipped nails a day or two after getting a nice coat of color. Well these two products are supposed to leave those nail polish woes behind. 

Minx nails foils are a popular trend among the Hollywood stars.  This product consist of high shine metallic foils that cover the nail and is applied with a special file, the result- a beautiful hi-shine nail “color”. The foils apparently last for days, longer than a traditional nail polish, and the process to apply and take off is fairly quick.  There are an array of designs and colors to choose for Minx nail foils.

Shellac nails are a process developed by CND and it’s a special nail polish that is cured under UV lights. If you’ve ever gotten gel nails/tips done, the the process is very similar. A base is applied and two coats of the Shellac nail polish placed under the lights and you are done. The specialty nail polish states to have long staying power vs. that of a regular nail polish. The choices of Shellac Nail polish is limited since it’s fairly new product, but I’m sure there will be more colors produced once these nail polishes have reached the mass market.

These two products can only be found at specialty nail salons, so I suggest getting in touch or searching across the internet for a nail salon in your area that specializes in these services.

I’m planning on trying these two new products out so as soon as I’m on the ball, I’m sure to post a review!

Ms Mandii J      

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