Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Pink Me up for the Summer!

So this was supposed to go live yesterday, for National Pink day 6/23, but the kiddies had me sidetracked after a long afternoon at the beach!!
A nice healthy glow is a must for the summer and of course, we can achieve that with a good accent of blush on the apples of our cheeks! Pretty much any blush would do and in any rosy tone, regardless if it's drugstore or high-end you'll be sure to be pleased with nice flush of color.

I picked six blushes to showcase, they are all similar in color but three are from mark./AVON and the other three are from Nars.

Sunlove glo is a dark peach pink, somewhat coral in color and a matte blush and is best used with a very light hand since you don't want to look overdone in this blush, but it is still buildable to work up to the right color you'll like.

Hushbaby is a mosaic blush consisting of a brown pink, pink, and peach pink tones which blended together work very well on a variety of skin tones. This blush works great as an illuminator over foundation to give you that nice shimmer of color without it being too overbearing. 

Afterglo is the most notorious of the mark. blushes because many beauty bloggers tend to describe this blush as a dupe (exact copy) of the very popular Nars blush - Orgasm.  Afterglo is a peachy pink (more pink) and it does have slight shimmer to it, but I find I have to be a little more heavy handed on picking up color with afterglo to achieve the same color results as Orgasm, but I must admit once applied, it's hard to tell the difference between the two.

These are the Nars Blushes

Orgasm is pinky peach color and has gold shimmer in it so it really does add a bit of a golden flush to your complexion but not enough to make you look glittery,

Super Orgasm is the super charged version of orgasm (think 10x the color intensity). This one I would recommend to definitely apply with a light hand so you won't overdo on the shimmer. Besides that, the amount of shimmer does work for some skin tones, especially more tan complexions since it does add more warmth into the skin tone making it appear dewy. 

Sin is more a dusty rose, great for those with darker complexions. I chose this on because in the summer I do tend to get really dark and some of these blushes will not show up too well on me. Sin does give me that extra umph in color and at the same time it's not matte so I do get a glow in my complexion as well.

Hope this gives you some great ideas on what blushes to play with for the summer! Any questions just comment down below!

Miss Mandii :)

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