Monday, June 14, 2010

Quickie no fuss Glue on Nails!

On my last post, I wrote on how amazed I was by the Kiss Lightening Speed Gel Tip kit that I decided to give one of their other products a try. This time I went with the Kiss Everlasting French which are basically full press-on nails. Now this I was really skeptical about because I've done these before years ago and they have looked full on cheesy and fake, but I don't know what they have done to the product, glue, nails - they looked unbelievable after I had put them on. Best of all, I've been wearing them for five days and they are still on! I love this product so much I'm buying a stack of these!!
Basically the kit includes the set of glue-on nails, a nail file, and pink nail glue.

Next you just pick out and sort the nails according to the corresponding nail that would fit your nail bed. Make sure the nail is not too wide or too small, you may need to file down the sides for a better fit. I would then use the nail file to lightly buff your natural nails to leave a clean surface so the glue-on nails can adhere better.

Just place glue on your natural nail, making sure to completely cover the nail and then place the glue-on nail firmly starting from the bottom to the tips making sure you leave no gaps. If you do notice a gap, lift the nail quickly and re-glue.This is to prevent water or debris getting under the nail. Once you get all the nails on you can remove the tabs and file them down to the shape you like.

These glue-on's can last more than 5-6 days and after a week you should remove them, just so your natural nail doesn't weaken and you can let your nails breathe. I love these nails now because they are less harsh than acrylic nails and they really do look great, especially if you just need a quick nail pick-me up!

If you've tried them before or any questions or comments, hit me up! 

Ms Mandii :)

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