Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DIY MINX- Chic Prints, Sephora by OPI

I was soo excited when Sephora and OPI got together to produce a Do It Yourself set of "Minx" type nail prints. Usually a minx manicure can cost anywhere from $35 and up and last only about a week, so getting the    opportunity to try a more "cost friendly" alternative was a yay in my book. I must say the look came out great as you can see above and really stood out, but the wear only lasted two days, which was a major downer for me (being a busy mommy between home duties and such you expect products to withhold some abuse.) I think the adhesive could have been a bit stronger, this being solely a stick on product, but overall I think it was  okay and great for weekend out if you want to have statement nails.


instuctions (sorry, blurry-but I've outlined the process for you down below)

comes with a sheet of 16 strips (like my tiger print?)

1. Prep your nail by cleaning with rubbing alcohol to get rid of excess oils
2. Choose the correct size of strip to cover your nail, cutting the edges if too wide.
3. Stick it on!!

4. Cut off the excess tip. ( I didn't have tiny scissors around, so I took the big guns out!)

took a nail clipper to get rid of any excess edges I couldn't get with those huge scissors :x

5. File the edges with a crystal file ( Again only file I could find :O -it did the job though)

All done!!!

The whole process took me about 45 mins, not too long - and it wasn't difficult at all. Like I mentioned before, it's great if you need a quick look and quick removal. 

Like always leave a comment if you've tried it, or any questions you might have!!

Miss Mandii :)

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