Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Inspiring Person of the Month- Betty Ann Rosa- Galderisi, Beauricua Cosmetics

If you can tell, at all by my previous post, feeling passionate about your work and following your dreams is something that resonates, deeps in me, so when I encounter someone else that displays that same passion- I can’t help but make them an inspiration for me. So I’ve decided each month, I’ll share someone I’ve come across whose work and drive for success can be an inspiration to us all.

November’s Inspiring Person is Betty Ann Rosa-Galderisi, Creator/Founder/Owner of Beauricua Cosmetics. Betty Ann has been in the business of making people beautiful for 30 years and is a licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, and Nail Technician with specialties in Make-up Airbrushing and Nail Art. She created Beauricua Cosmetics with the idea of wanting to do something for her Latin community, and she thought what better way to utilize her talents and create a cosmetic line and provide services with women of color in mind. In May 2007, she created Beauricua Cosmetics, honoring her Puerto Rican roots with play of words based on Boricua and Beauty.

I first came across Beauricua Cosmetics early this year while searching if a cosmetic line for Hispanic/Latina women existed. I was a bit skeptical in finding a cosmetic line that catered to such a diverse ethnic group since Latin women come in all types of skin tones. Through my online search I came upon Beauricua Cosmetics. I went on to be more curious to find out more about this makeup line that could make such a bold claim and upon falling in love with vast array of eye shadows, blushes, lipglosses. I realized, what made this line work was that it was understood, no matter the ethnicity, these products where universally flattering to all different skin tones. After being wowed by this line, I became a Facebook fan and followed the blog religiously (as I do with all my beauty companies) so you can imagine my excitement when I was personally contacted by Mrs. Betty Ann herself. She asked what products I personally liked and chatted about what her line offered. She states “I always try my best to get to know our customers. For me is all about making people feel special because they are. Quality comes before quantity because that is what makes a happy customer come back.” Ladies- this is what sets Beauricua Cosmetics apart from all the rest – Betty Ann truly cares what her customers are looking for, listens to them, and does her best to create the product to suit the customer needs.

Creating what the customer wants is so important to Betty Ann, custom made beauty products is a service also offered by Beauricua Cosmetics. Looking for that perfect shade of lipstick to match dress for a special event- Betty can create it.
Favorite lipgloss color discontinued- Betty can recreate it. Love a color in a powder blush, but dries out your skin- Betty can make you a cream blush in that color. What Betty can create is Beauty Magic, and it’s not only limited to wonderful beauty products and custom made orders- she also offers her Make-up Artist services for private occasions!

I can only say great things about Beauricua Cosmetics and the mastermind behind the brand and the proof is in the pudding. You can find Beauricua Cosmetics online and more recently they have been featured at Shecky’s events, even wining an award for their all natural Lip Scrub. It was at this November Shecky’s event I had the pleasure in meeting Betty Ann personally and she is a fabulous, caring, and personable as she seems. I can say I am so impressed by not only her work ethics, and her devotion to servicing the beauty needs of women of all ethnicities, but also in being such an inspiring individual.

If you are interested in Beauricua Cosmetics' Products or services you can click here www.beauricua.com for the link.

All pictures in this post are property of Beauricua Cosmetics and have been used with permission from the owners of the pictures.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanks to all!!

First and foremost, I want to send a very special hello and thank you to all my Beauty A La Mode readers, followers, and fans!!! The Blog and Youtube channel had been on a bit of a hiatus since I’ve been very busy with a new chapter in the book of Miss Mandii and you all have been very patient with me.  For that I’m very appreciative of your continued support, which in turn only fuels the motivation for writing on and sharing the latest things that catch Beauty A La Mode’s attention!
Fashion, beauty, writing, broadcasting –all- have been a fascination of mine, therefore creating Beauty A La Mode was my outlet to combine all of these passions into one. But I was given the opportunity, this past September, to work on one of my many other passions -  teaching children.  Between pursuing an Education degree, teaching part-time at a preschool, and contributing to Beauty A La Mode (not to mention Mommy and Wife obligations) things started to get a little hectic, so I decided to go easy and give it a bit of time for everything to settle.   
So here we are in November and I am happy to say that once again balance has been restored to my world.  I have found the opportunity to work on everything I truly care and feel passionate about and give the best I can.  I share this with you because like I’ve mentioned before many of you have shown me support and it’s only fair to let you all know it means the world to me, and if you are new to Beauty A La Mode then it gives you opportunity to get acquainted with the brains behind this whole operation!
With all that said – I’m working on a post introducing you to the creative force behind an award winning cosmetic line, a youtube video tag, and an upcoming collective November Haul.

As always,
Miss Mandii
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