Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanks to all!!

First and foremost, I want to send a very special hello and thank you to all my Beauty A La Mode readers, followers, and fans!!! The Blog and Youtube channel had been on a bit of a hiatus since I’ve been very busy with a new chapter in the book of Miss Mandii and you all have been very patient with me.  For that I’m very appreciative of your continued support, which in turn only fuels the motivation for writing on and sharing the latest things that catch Beauty A La Mode’s attention!
Fashion, beauty, writing, broadcasting –all- have been a fascination of mine, therefore creating Beauty A La Mode was my outlet to combine all of these passions into one. But I was given the opportunity, this past September, to work on one of my many other passions -  teaching children.  Between pursuing an Education degree, teaching part-time at a preschool, and contributing to Beauty A La Mode (not to mention Mommy and Wife obligations) things started to get a little hectic, so I decided to go easy and give it a bit of time for everything to settle.   
So here we are in November and I am happy to say that once again balance has been restored to my world.  I have found the opportunity to work on everything I truly care and feel passionate about and give the best I can.  I share this with you because like I’ve mentioned before many of you have shown me support and it’s only fair to let you all know it means the world to me, and if you are new to Beauty A La Mode then it gives you opportunity to get acquainted with the brains behind this whole operation!
With all that said – I’m working on a post introducing you to the creative force behind an award winning cosmetic line, a youtube video tag, and an upcoming collective November Haul.

As always,
Miss Mandii

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