Thursday, December 29, 2011

LOTD- My Christmas look!

Hola lovelies! Well this will be my first ever Look Of The Day (LOTD) Blog post! Doing looks and tutorials are a bit daunting and scary for me because I usually get a bit self-conscious, but I figured what the heck! The point I do this blog is to reach out to others and give them ideas and tips on beauty and so why not share what I personally do.

Well here is a quick snapshot of my Christmas look:

Here is a run down on what I used:

Clinque Dramatically different moisturizing lotion
MAC Pro Longwear foundation NC 42
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC 42 (Under eyes and over blemishes)
MAC Studio Fix Powder NC 43

Nars Orgasm
MAC Rose Ole Special Reserve (Highlight)

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Beauricua Backstage Mineral Pigment (Lid)
Urban Decay Gunmetal (Crease and lower lashline)
Urban Decay Virgin ( Highlight under brow)
Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara Very Black
Lasplash  Liquid Eyeliner Black
Avon Luxury Brow Liner Dark Brown (Eyebrow)

MAC Freckletone

I curled my hair with heatless curling rods and set them with Hairspray. Maybe I'll post a how-to video on how to achieve this hairstyle.

As always feel free to comment or let me know what look you went for this holiday!

Mandii :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beauty on a Budget: A Brighter Smile for the Holidays

Hey my loves! I hope the holidays have treated you well and that you have received everything you wished for this season and much more! I spent it here in New York at home with my lovely boys and hubby, and earlier in the week we strolled down to the city to go see Santa at Macy's.

I love holiday season, especially with all the family reunions and exquisite events and I love even more the fact that I can dress up and get all dolled up, however it also means tons of pictures left and right and putting on your best smile is a must!

Now I must admit I get a  little self -conscious about my smile, three years of braces in high school left the surface of my teeth fall short of pristine white and it doesn't help I love coffee and wine which stain teeth as well. Unfortunately, professional whitening can be so expensive and definitely not in my budget, so I  looked around for an affordable alternative, and thankfully there are little tricks that can help your teeth look bright and beautiful.

My favorite inexpensive trick for a brighter smile is what every makeup lover knows, the look of red lips! Red lipstick neutralizes the look of any stains on you teeth, giving the illusion of a nice white smile. Plus the red look is so in for this holiday season that you'll look fab and sophisticated all while achieving a perfect smile in your pictures!

Another inexpensive trick I like to do is before brushing my teeth is rinsing my mouth with some hydrogen peroxide diluted with a bit of warm water. The peroxide helps loosen up plaque and surface stains and brushing with a regular whitening paste gives it an extra boost to give you beautiful teeth.

My last little recommendation on how to get a lovely pearly white smile is using whitening strips. Reading around on beauty blogs and forums I found out everyone was turning to these Crest White Strips and let me tell you they are amazing! First of all they are not expensive compared to $300 a visit whitening treatments, and the application is fast and not messy. Another plus was that it doesn't cause any tooth sensitivity for me.

If you have any other tricks on how to get pretty white teeth please feel free to share, or as always feel free to comment! Let me know how you get fab for the holidays!

Lots of love and bright smiles,
Miss Mandii :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Latest Hair Routine...L'Oreal EverStrong Hydrating System

Hola Lovlies!! I know its been forever and a day since I've posted here, as I truly miss sharing with you all the great finds I come across! A quick update on Ms. Mandii's world before I jump into today's post - I'm close to finishing up this semester of college and I can not absolutely wait 'til winter vacation. I am sooo exhausted- like balancing work and family isn't enough, but its the overall achievement that keeps me motivated. My lovelies, if there is anything in this world you want to accomplish, DO IT! There is nothing but ourselves that keeps us from wanting to reach our dreams! DREAM BIG AND AIM FOR THE STARS!

Okay, so enough of my motivational speaking, and on to the beauty post of the day:

So recently I purchased the L'Oreal Everstrong Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner from Target because it was on sale and I had not tried it yet. It had caught my eye that it was sulfate free as well, which is interesting because there is a lot of talk about sulfate being a no-no for the hair (Sulfate is added into shampoos for lather and cleansing).

Any who, so after trying the shampoo and conditioner for a month, I've totally been loving it! It has a nice herbal scent, and it actually lathers up pretty well. Plus it has left my hair amazingly soft! It's done such great things to my hair, I have classmates asking what I use on my hair!

After doing a little research though on some drugstore review sites though I found out its really a hit or miss product. Some love it, others hate- works well with some, and some with birds nest syndrome. Personally, I'm loving it and I've recommended it to a couple of friends, who have loved it as well. Here's a recent pic of me showing off my long shiny locks!

If you have tried L'Oreal's Everstrong Shampoo or Conditioner, or if you want to share your favorite hair care system, drop a comment- I love to hear your thoughts!

Much love,
Ms. Mandii

As with any review here on Beauty on La Mode, its based on our opinion and users discretion is advised.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Fab Shoe Collection...

I know it's Beauty A La Mode and it's usually all about beauty here, but I have to share with you guys my other obsession- shoes!!!! I totally love shoes, and when there is a good bargain on beautiful shoes I'll be the first one on it! 

Well a while back, I found out about this shoe of the month club called Shoedazzle. I wrote a review about them and my first purchase way back in the early days of this blog. Check it out here. Now almost a year and a half later, I've collected quite a couple pairs from them and I love and I'm crazy about each one! 

It's only 39.95 each pair, and each month you get quite a few selections to choose from. They also have handbags and accessories for sale also!

Here is my collection so far:

Top: Lauren
Second Tier: Mel B., Jewel (Gray)
Third Tier: Tempo, Bliss (Coffee no Cream)
Bottom: Mercedes, Privy, (Sorry ladies I forgot the name of the blue ones)

If you like any of the shoes you see here you can go to the link below! Plus, when you sign up with the link you get 20% discount on your first purchase!

Exclusive Shoedazzle Invite! 20% off!

If you have tried Shoedazzle and want to share or have any great shoe info, comment down below!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Fav Summer Polishes!

Oh goodness, I haven't written a blog post in months...please forgive me. Been very busy with momma, teacher, and student duties! I feel like i barely have time to even soak it all in, let alone find a release. I must admit, when flooded with so much, we need a moment to sit back and re-collect ourselves. So I'm taking my own advice... I feel most at ease when I'm writing or posting about my latest beauty craze so here is a little something I've been playing with so far this summer.

Playful Summer Polishes!

These are the colors I've been rotating the past couple of weeks on my mani/pedi. These are from Essie. I love the staying power Essie has on my nails! These colors have been perfect from transitioning from late spring into summer. (From left to right - Tart Deco, Mint Candy Apple, Lilacism, Mesmerized) There are actually plenty of drugstore dupes out there so don't fret if you love the color but feel Essie might be a bit of a splurge.

Now that summer is fully here I'll probably be going into more brighter, neon colors along with some gold and silver metallic polishes. I'll make sure to post my picks for summer soon. In the meantime. let me know if there are any polishes you are crazy about right now.

Ms. Mandii :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Winter Scents...

This is how it looks outside right now in NYC... we've been hit with the (ummm, I've lost count by now) snowstorm of the season. As a born and raised New Yorker I can honestly tell you I haven't ever seen it snow so much or so often! Well my Beauty A La Mode'ers - the only proper thing to do a snow day is relax, sip something warm, and do some online shopping! But while you are here, let me share some of my favorite fragrances that have been warming me up this winter. 

Alien by Thierry Mugler

Words can't really describe this fragrance, it's unusual and has a "Je ne sais quoi" aura to it and smells unbelievable. It's floral fragrance which is great for the winter because it warms up and lingers on the skin nicely.   
It's notes: Solar accord, Jasmine Sambac, Green notes, Cashmeran, Vanilla, Transparent Amber

Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel

This scent is great for all year round because light soapy scent, but it's hints of musk and amber together really bring out the warmness of this scent during the winter. During the warmer months you'll notice the citrus scents   are more prominent and make it a lighter fragrance to wear.

It's notes: Grapefruit, Melon, Quiche, Hyacinth, Jasmine, Iris, White Musk, Virginia Cedar, Amber

Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson

I've included this one before in my favorite scents post I wrote a while back, and it's here again because this is a great everyday scent. It's a powdery, floral scent but like Chance - it's musk and amber notes, as well as it's woody notes make it a great warm scent for the winter.  

It's notes: Peach Blossom, Goji Leaf, Jasmine, Blush Champagne, Lotus Blossom, Plumeria Rose, Creamy Amber, Musk, Patchouli, Bergamot, Peony, Blonde Woods

I'll love to read on what are your favorite winter fragrances, or if you have any comments of the ones mentioned above, please feel free to drop a note!

Mandii :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Post of 2011- Meet My New Beauty Regimen BFF!!

Hola Beauty A La Mode Readers!! This is the first post of the New Year and I hope the holidays have been great to you and that 2011 has been off to a great start for you as well! I had a great time with my family and 2011 has started off with work, work, work. I'm very glad though I got to spoil "myself" rotten this holiday season - ladies, we must always take the opportunity to indulge ourselves whenever possible! I was able to get myself a couple of beauty items I've been having my eyes on for a while and this one is a definite must-share with you all!

This is my new BFF!!

I was finally able to get myself a Clarisonic System- this one in particular is the MIA and it's one of the many Sonic Skin Cleansing Systems that Clarisonic has in it's line of products. These cleaning systems offer deep skin cleansing through the use of it's oscillating brush head and claims it removes 6x more makeup that manual cleansing.

Clarisonic has definitely had lots of buzz in the beauty blogger world with lots of good reviews, and I having been really looking for something to offer fast, deep cleansing (I'm the laziest person to remove my makeup at night) and that would also restore my face texture and complexion - decided to give Clarisonic a go.
I purchased my Clarisonic from QVC because of the assortment of colors they had and ordered myself the MIA in berry, which is a nice pink/fuchsia color and because the MIA is the smaller of the systems and made exclusively for facial cleansing. The bundle came with: two brush heads (one for sensitive skin and one for normal), two cleansers ( for sensitive skin and the other for normal to dry skin) and, magnetic  charger. 

I've been using it for three weeks straight, 6 days a week (I give a day off and use a scrub instead), once a day, for one minute- and I must say it truly lives up to the hype. My face tone has improved, I've had less breakouts, and has made my makeup removal simpler as well as the application, since I have less to cover up. I am IN LOVE with this system and would recommend it to anyone that is looking to address skin concerns or just wants to pamper themselves with a daily mini-facial!

You can purchase yours at Clarisonic or on QVC, and if you own one Beauty A La Mode'ers feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below!
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