Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beauty on a Budget: A Brighter Smile for the Holidays

Hey my loves! I hope the holidays have treated you well and that you have received everything you wished for this season and much more! I spent it here in New York at home with my lovely boys and hubby, and earlier in the week we strolled down to the city to go see Santa at Macy's.

I love holiday season, especially with all the family reunions and exquisite events and I love even more the fact that I can dress up and get all dolled up, however it also means tons of pictures left and right and putting on your best smile is a must!

Now I must admit I get a  little self -conscious about my smile, three years of braces in high school left the surface of my teeth fall short of pristine white and it doesn't help I love coffee and wine which stain teeth as well. Unfortunately, professional whitening can be so expensive and definitely not in my budget, so I  looked around for an affordable alternative, and thankfully there are little tricks that can help your teeth look bright and beautiful.

My favorite inexpensive trick for a brighter smile is what every makeup lover knows, the look of red lips! Red lipstick neutralizes the look of any stains on you teeth, giving the illusion of a nice white smile. Plus the red look is so in for this holiday season that you'll look fab and sophisticated all while achieving a perfect smile in your pictures!

Another inexpensive trick I like to do is before brushing my teeth is rinsing my mouth with some hydrogen peroxide diluted with a bit of warm water. The peroxide helps loosen up plaque and surface stains and brushing with a regular whitening paste gives it an extra boost to give you beautiful teeth.

My last little recommendation on how to get a lovely pearly white smile is using whitening strips. Reading around on beauty blogs and forums I found out everyone was turning to these Crest White Strips and let me tell you they are amazing! First of all they are not expensive compared to $300 a visit whitening treatments, and the application is fast and not messy. Another plus was that it doesn't cause any tooth sensitivity for me.

If you have any other tricks on how to get pretty white teeth please feel free to share, or as always feel free to comment! Let me know how you get fab for the holidays!

Lots of love and bright smiles,
Miss Mandii :)

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