Monday, November 5, 2012

Mandii's Fall 2012 Essie and OPI Nail Polish Picks...

Hey Lovelies, Mani Monday here at Mandii A La Mode and this is a just a quick post I put together showcasing my favorite nail polishes for Fall from the latest Essie and OPI collections.  

From the Essie Stylenomics Fall 2012 collection:

From the OPI Germany Collection:

Are there any particulars that have caught your eye and absolutely love? Let me know! My favorite out of both collections has to be Essie's Skirting the Issue- it's such a beautiful burgundy color.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram under @MandiiALaMode - usually you'll find swatches of the latest nail polish to make it on my digits for Mani Monday!

Be on the lookout for a giveaway this week! So excited to share!

Much love as always,

Friday, November 2, 2012

Helping Hands - Helping Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy

As I sit writing this in my comfy home, listening to the tv and my boys playing, I can not express how this is all a blessing. You see, as many of you already know, I'm a New Yorker and this week Hurricane Sandy completely took over our North Eastern Coast.

Photo credit : NOAA

Many parts of NYC was affected, from the lower part of Manhattan to the inland and coastal areas of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, and Staten Island. Not to mention the complete devastation of the Jersey Shoreline.
Photo Credit: Rishi Singh

People across these areas have no power and no water. Even worse, some have lost their homes and even lost ones. Knowing people personally, who have been heavily affected by this natural disaster, makes my heart ache, wishing resources were there to help them get their lives back together as soon as possible.
Photo Credit: Taina Cunningham

Many have been asking how to help those in need, and as I really want to help get the word across - here are some ways, small or large, you can assist those who lack resources.

(List complied from

The Red Cross
1-800-733-2767 (RED-CROSS)

New York Cares
(212) 228-5000

Jersey Cares
(973) 424-1091

Long Island Volunteer Center
(516) 564-5482

Long Island Volunteer Center
(516) 564-5482

New York City Service
(212) 788-7550

Food Bank NYC
(212) 566-7855

I hope the cause speaks out to you and get those you know to help out as well! Volunteer, drop off food, clothes, toiletries ... anything you can!

Love (and Peace) always,

Sunday, October 14, 2012

L'Oreal and Project Runway come to Duane Reade

I don't have to explain to you, my loves, that I'm a total beauty junkie - HELLO! Beauty Blogger here!  So when Duane Reade recently invited me to experience a Beauty Make-Over event from L'Oreal, I couldn't have been more excited! 

The icing on the cake was that the event was featuring L'Oreal's Limited Edition Project Runway make-up collection!

Who doesn't love Heidi Klum on Project Runway?!

For this event I got to visit the Duane Reade Look Boutique at Union Square. I love getting a chance to visit Duane Reade Stores around the city! 

There were four signature looks featured in L'Oreal "Project Runway" Limited Edition Collection.
These were "Looks" fashion design contestants on "Project Runway" had to take inspiration from in creating their design, and for top fashion judges to choose the episode's winners to go on for the next challenge. 

Each of these looks were completely stunning. 

For a in depth photo journey of the L'Oreal Project Runway Event - Take a look at my Google+ album,  HERE -  you'll also find more pics of beauty items available for the L'Oreal Limited Edition Project Runway Collection.

For my make-over, I had the opportunity to choose which look I liked the best and I decided for the Seductive Temptress which the neutral shadow palette and a plum lip.

Thanks to the L'Oreal Make-Up Artists working the event, they made me look fab!

I must say I had so much fun at this event! It was so exciting to try first-hand the wonderful items L'Oreal had for this Limitied Edition Collection and I loved that Duane Reade made it possible! Customers were loving the chance for a free make-over! 

After getting all glammed up and picking up some goodies I had to have before it was completely gone,  I went home and settled in to watch the collection make it debut on Lifetime's "Project Runway".

Don't forget these goodies are Limited Edition, so stop by at your closest Duane Reade and create your own "Project Runway" inspired look with these L'Oreal must-have beauty items!  

As always, for Future event info and the latest on Duane Reade, be sure to visit Duane Reade online at

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mandii's September Favorites...

It's been a couple of blog post in between in which I haven't posted my beauty favorites of the month, and well - because it's been long overdue... here is my SEPTEMBER BEAUTY FAVES! 

I won't make this post overly long, just quick, simple and to the point- much like the my picks for September. This month's picks are basically the make-up staples in my beauty bag. 

First up is the Essie Nail Polish in Recessionista from their Fall 2012/ Styleconmics line. 
I really love the selection of rich jewel tone colors for this line and this has to be one of my favorite  creamy, magenta tone color from Essie.

This favorite, which I don't know why I haven't featured it in my blog before - is the Beauricua Lip Scrub. My New York Shecky dolls are familiarized with this Indie Brand and can tell you how amazing is this lip scrub! All ingredients in this jar are natural and will make your lips feel buttery smooth! Perfect for when you want to strut a gorgeous berry lip color for this season! 

Next up is The Revlon 3D Volume PhotoReady Mascara. What I love about this mascara is the formula and the applicator! The mascara is smooth and does not go on clumpy. Best is, you can do numerous coats with out it making your lashes look all spidery!  

One of my favorite lippies this past month that I kept reaching for was MAC's Hug Me. OMG- this is my dead on match for nude lips without looking dead! I love that it leaves just a beautiful, non-overwhelming, brown-pinkish sheen on my lips. 

Since September's overall makeup look for me was a basic, wearable, everyday look - I kept reaching for nudes, browns and peaches- as with the simple lip, I kept the eyes neutral, yet played them up a bit with a simple brown eyeliner.  My eyeliner of choice was Mally's Evercolor liner in Deepest Brown. I rave about how smoothly they go on, and after they set they don't smudge! Perfect for creating winged looks! 

If you have any questions about the September picks, want individual reviews about the products mentioned in this post, or have a general question - share it below!

As always,

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hollywood Comes to New York

If you follow Mandii A La Mode on Instagram and Twitter, then you know it's been an action packed week here! I've had the opportunity as a Duane Reade VIP Blogger to attend some awesome in-store beauty events recently and I'm so excited to let you in on last week's adventure! 

The Hollywood Comes to New York event was being held at the Duane Reade on Herald Square, and I couldn't be any more intrigued about a Beauty Runway show held in a drugstore! 

The Duane Reade on Herald Square is amazing! Being right in the middle of a major New York Shopping District you couldn't expect anything less! 

The Duane Reade Hollywood event was full-on Red Carpet status - Hosted by the Duane Reade Herald Square Manager as well as a live DJ in store! 

What I loved about the Hollywood Glam Show was that there were a diverse group of models showcasing the various beauty brands found at Duane Reade. 

Products Highlighted at the Glam Show were The Balm, Cargo, Vera Moore and Whirl A Style

Those that attended the event, in true beauty show style, were able to take home a goodie bag! 

The event was such a great experience, and I was completely in awe that Duane Reade could do so unique in a "drugstore"! Just a sign of the great things your neighborhood Duane Reade can offer! 

Ohh, and I can't forget... got to enjoy the event with a fellow VIP Blogger - Tineey, as well! We were able to take a quick shot while enjoying the Glam Show! Don't forget to check out her blog as well here

For Future event info and the latest on Duane Reade, be sure to visit Duane Reade online at

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Swapping for Bigger Rewards at Duane Reade #DRBalanceRewards

Hi lovelies! Fall is here and that means a new season and new things to look forward to, and of all that requires a little change.  For most of us it means a change of wardrobe, adding jackets and sweaters to the mix, the beauty lovers start playing with darker nail polish and lipstick colors incorporating it into their everyday looks, and if you're a Duane Reade shopper like I am - then you've already noticed the change from their past FlexRewards program to their new Balance Rewards!  

As of September 16, the Duane Reade FlexRewards program converted to the Balance Rewards program. The Balance Rewards program is active at both Duane Reade and Walgreens. Duane Reade customers can now earn and redeem points at over 7,900 stores nationwide. How awesome is that? Now you can shop at both stores, as well as receive and redeem your points at both places as well!  

I made sure to hurry over to my nearest Duane Reade to get the latest info on the new rewards program, and I was excited to see the promo on it's storefront for Balance Rewards! 

There I picked up this pamphlet detailing the Balance Rewards Program:

Balance Rewards keeps some of the most popular features of FlexRewards such as exclusive savings for members and the opportunity to earn points and redeem rewards, while giving customers even more benefits.
  •  Save on Sale items with card
  • 10  points per $1.00 spent for every purchase of on select over-the-counter products.
  • 10 points for every mile you walk with Walgreens
  • Redeem instantly as few as 5,000 points

Duane Reade Flex Rewards program points will be converted to Balance Rewards and become available when customers join in the new program.

Here's a snapshot of all the details in the pamphlet:

Customers can join Balance Rewards at any Duane Reade or Walgreens store at the checkout counter, 
pharmacy and photo kiosk. They can also sign up online at or on their mobile phone via the upcoming Duane Reade Mobile Application due for release early 2013.

I actually did my swap right there at the store as I was picking up some beauty goodies, and it was quick and easy! 

As I presented my old FlexRewards card and the cashier scanned it, the card reader prompted me to enter and confirm my basic info - and presto - the swap was complete! 

I was able to save 16% percent on my purchase and I earned 7500 reward points! 

By the way here is a quick look of the goodies I picked up! 

You can check out the details of my shopping trip and my reward swap on Google+ by clicking here.  I'll also review they beauty goods on an upcoming post!

Be sure to visit Duane Reade online at

Duane Reade on Twitter:
Check out the hashtags #DRBalanceRewards #DReade #DReadeVIP

Duane Reade on Facebook:

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Friday, August 24, 2012

August Julep Maven Box

It's been a day and forever since I've kept you lovelies in the loop with with the Julep Maven monthly boxes (well, since May to be exact)! So, here is just a quick post on what I received for my August box!

For those unfamiliar with Julep Maven, it's a monthly membership club which according to their style quiz, assess a style according to your responses and then send you an adorable box filled with their signature nail polishes and nail products every month. 
You can check out my May blog post here, along with more info on Julep Maven.

August Julep Maven Box came all festive! 

Wow, you're celebrating me?! What did I do? - Okay, I know I'm fabulous...

Julep Maven was actually celebrating it's one year anni! 

 My style profile is Classic with a twist, and these are the goodies in August's selection. 

Metallics are going to be HUGE for fall, so Julep Maven has me on head start! 

Love this gold -  Felicity

This silver metallic is gorgeous - Harley

Ooo, and an Acetone free nail polish remover for good measure! 

August's box came with a cute tote from Julep as well! I'm currently using it to keep all my pedi necessities inside! 

And because, I truly feel super disappointed that I haven't been blogging constantly here is a glimpse of what July's box contained! 

They went all firework festive with the July Box and I loved the sparkles and glitter polishes! 

Any Julep Maven lovers? I would love to read your thoughts and comments! Questions? - Ask away! 

As always, much love! 

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