Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reaching Illegal Lengths- Mascara Review

Well my loves, crazy mode has officially started over here! I'm finally back to work and also started the Spring semester at college as well, thankfully the course load doesn't seem to be too overwhelming this semester! Honestly though, I love all the hustle and bustle and busy life pace...there is never a dull moment in this girl's life! 

Now that I'm on a roll here and I'm all over the place, I get a chance to really try out and test all the goodies I get my hands on! Those who follow Mandii A La Mode for a while know that I love to try out mascaras and I recently I just added a new one to my arsenal! This one is Maybelline's Illegal Lengths mascara and I'm pretty sure you've seen all the advertising for this on TV and wondering "does it really make your lashes super long?" 

Maybelline Illegal Lengths Mascara

Maybelline describes the mascara:
Build 4mm of measurable extensions! 
• Fiber-fix brush has 6 different contact points with each lash for optimal fiber placement
• Breakthrough formula contains fibers up to 4mm in length
• Sealing formula stretches lashes and seals fibers to lashes
• Washable, also available in waterproof formula 
(As described from their website

First and foremost, I wasn't super crazy about the packaging. The container itself looks like cheap silver plastic and I figured those in marketing and product developing could have come up with a better casing. Now besides my ranting on the aesthetics of the packaging, I really liked the spool of the mascara wand itself. It seems to be in line with other similar lengthening mascaras in where the spool is thinner and longer and not as round and full as traditional mascara spools. 

Formulation wise, Illegal Lengths Mascara formula impressed me. It was fluid but not runny or clumpy. I was able to run the wand smoothly through my lashes and not have to tug on it or attempt to brush away clumps or gobs of mascara off my lashes. 

No Mascara

One coat of Maybelline's Illegal Lengths Mascara

From the pictures you can see that the mascara actually delivers on it's promise and lengthens. I'm not to sure  if it is as long as it claims but it definitely does the job in giving me ultra fab, glamorous lashes. My lashes were so long it was brushing against the lenses of my glasses but survived my 16hr day! 

Overall I really liked this mascara and is, as of this moment, my go to mascara in circulation (I always have at least three in my bag). Compared to other lengthening mascaras, this is one of my favs in terms of formula and the fact it doesn't clump on me and I don't have to layer it with other mascaras. I would def. say this mascara is worth a try! 

Have you been able to try this mascara? Any other lengthening mascaras you recommend? Drop a comment below! 

Well I'm off to bed as it is late night here in NYC, night night! 

FTC disclosure: Product reviewed was bought at my expense. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Mani of the Week - Feeling Natural with Zoya's Avery

It's been another week that I have been  held captive blessed to be home. LOL, no, really being told to be home for another week under doctors order had been driving me a bit bonkers because I'm such a busy, on the go person. However, it really has been wonderful on the other hand since I was able to spend so much time with my boys - especially my two year old who is such a character. My busy work, school schedule doesn't allow much playtime with my kiddos, but I took this time at home to enjoy every moment I could with them.

Now being at home didn't give me much time to play around with much make-up, but I did get a chance to indulge in my Mani of the week. Since I was in a bit of laid back mood, I decided to go with something natural and I figured what better natural polish but a nude one. I chose Zoya's Avery from their Feel Winter 2012 collection. You can check out the rest of the collection here.

Zoya Avery w/o Flash

Zoya Avery w/ Flash

I really enjoyed this color against my tan skin tone because it didn't wash me out and offered a nice neutral color. It reminded me of the retro nude polishes of the 70's. It will definitely be my go to nude polish! Plus this polish was a lovely creme based polish that applied evenly with great coverage and lasted the whole week with just wear at the tips.

Do you have any go to neutral polishes to rave about? Please share! In the meantime, enjoy the weekend my loves!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

MAC's Upcoming Spring 2012 Collections.

Hola Lovelies! Well we are now winding down to the last week of January and that means cosmetic companies are releasing promo info on upcoming Spring 2012 collections! The one company that honestly drives me crazy with releases is MAC! I'm always so behind on their collections and release dates, that by the time I remember a particular collection is available -they are sold out.

So, I did a little digging this week ('cause I need to get my hands on some new goods) and found that several of their spring collections are arriving in stores soon. So here is a quick go through on what MAC promos will be on display in the next coming weeks. (I have to start my MAC fund ASAP).

All info and promo pics are courtesy of the Temptalia blog. You can check it out here for more info!

MAC SHOP and MAC COOK - Release Date: February 9th

MAC Shop, Shop, Shop
Lipsticks, Kissable Lipcolor, Cremeblend blush, Eyeshadow Quads

MAC describes the collections as:
Try and Buy a delicious, delovely, delectable, divine, degorgeous, de-with-it, degroovy assortment of Eye Shadow x 4 in wearable brights perfect for Spring. Treat yourself to Lipstick in heavenly hues, mouthwateringly Kissable Lipcolour and Cremeblend Blush. This Spring, shop ‘til you drop with a tongue-in-cheek collection that elevates the everyday into the extraordinary. Whether it’s detergent or diamonds, produce or Prada, everyone loves to shop, shop, shop!

MAC Cook, Cook, Cook
Careblend/ Pressed Power, Fluidline, Tendertone Lip Balm, Nail Laquer, Brushes, Opulash Masacra

As Described:
Ladle on an extra helping of foodie fun with an appetizing assortment temptingly tasty Tendertones, nearly black Fluidlines, Studio Careblend/Pressed powder, Opulash Mascara, two Brushes and nosh-worthy Nail Lacquers in fun, bright shades sure to satiate even the most discriminating of glamorous gourmands. COOK M·A·C has Spring 2012’s no-carb, no-calorie recipe for kooky, kitschy, kitchen kouture in savoury shades for Eyes, Lips and Nails.

MAC Vera Collection - Release Date: February 16th
Crushed Metallic Pigments x4, Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner, Nail Laquer, Pearlmate Face Powder, Plushglass

Described as:
Brilliant butterflies, flashy florals and gorgeously geometric graphics…A colourful collaboration between M·A·C and the artist known worldwide as Vera, who merged fine arts with linens, murals, textiles and silk scarves in her punchy, painted patterns. Now in shades plucked straight from her most lavish prints, M·A·C Vera embraces the luxe, lighter-than-air spirit that delivers the kind of startling, look-at-me statement that defines what it means to be an instant classic. Limited Edition.

MAC Lightfully New - Release Date: February 23
Cleanser, Softening Lotion, Essence, Moisture Cream

Described as: 
Lightful marine bright: a natural upgrade to the original Lightful, our unique marine-bright formula features three seaweeds harvested from the world’s oceans. Nourish, hydrate, de-oxidize and fortify the skin against key aggressors — excess melanin and free-radicals — while progressively shifting the complexion toward a more evenly pigmented radiance. Adding to this trio’s potency: our own super-duo Charged Water, Lightful Cleanser, Essence, Moisture Creme, and Softening Lotion. Your future is bright!

MAC Perfectly Finished- Release Date: February 16th
Mineralize Concealer, Mineralize Foundation/Loose, Brush

Described as: 
Look what’s happening in Mineralize! Our oustandingly popular MAC Mineralize Foundation/Loose gets a new look and with the 188 duo fibre brush sets out to create its famous naturally radiant finish. For those who have a spot, a blemish, a dark circle to hide, there’s new Mineralize Concealer. Goes on smoothly, discreetly, with a touch of moisture. Shade palettes go from light to dark. Formulas meet the needs of all ages, all races, all sexes. You’ll find these two are a great match!

The collection I'm actually most looking forward to this Spring is the Cook and Shop Collection - with so much color infused into the collection I'm sure I'll want it all! Is there any specific collection that stands out to to you? Let me know- drop a comment down below!

As always, much love! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

L'Oreal Voluminous Fasle Lashes- Mascara Review

It's been awhile lovelies since I've done a mascara review here because frankly- I've been hooked on one mascara for a while (I know...bad beauty blogger) but if you know me, I really do love mascara, and a good one at that! So thankfully, I get to try them out and review them here for you so we can weed out the good, the bad, and the clumpy!

This pretty packaged little number we have is L'Oreal's Voluminous Fasle Lashes- Faux Cils. It pretty much resembles it's cousin L'Oreal Million Lashes Mascara with the same gold packaging.

Applicator wise, as you can see below, is more of a narrow, tapered rubberized spool, as opposed to the fuller, longer bristle, roundish shape spool traditional mascara applicator tend to look like.

In regards to its fomulation,Voluminous Fasle Lashes has a, dare I say, (hairy) fiberous look to it, and it lends it self to be a drier thicker consistency. Personally, I prefer thicker consistency formulas because they don't stay wet to long and smudge all over eyelids. However, the thickness of this formula does give into clumping if you over coat.

Naked Lashes 

One coat of L'Oreal's Voluminous Fasle Lashes

The final verdict: I like this mascara, not completely in love with it. It definitely is lengthening, which does give the appearance of false lashes, but as I mentioned before it's a bit thick in formula and must be applied with a careful hand. I totally think this mascara would work as part of my favorite method - wardrobing.  I would one coat of Voluminous Fasle Lashes as a base coat, and then follow with a mascara with a fuller spool and thinner formula to separate lashes and add more volume.

You can find L'Oreal's Voluminous Fasle Lashes at your local drugstore or major retailer such as Target and goes for about $8 USD. 

Any thoughts on this mascara? As always feel free to comment below!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mandii's Tips for A Perfect DIY Mani.

My amores! You know I love to share my mani's of the week, and I often get asked what do I do to get that salon look mani, especially on how to make a polish last the whole week.
Here is a little secret... I was the worst manicurist in the world. I could not paint my left hand to save my life. But over time with practice and a couple of tricks I learned along the way, I got a bit better and so I'm going to share what I've learned with you!

Before starting, take these preliminary measures:

-Take care of all necessary bodily needs.
As in take care of all toilet duties, comb your hair, scratch what you need to scratch because you'll regret it when you are doing the peepee dance and your nails are not dry!

- Make sure you have all your electronic gadgets nearby.
Cell phone, laptop, Ipad. House phone... you don't want to go searching for these things either and your polish is still drying.

-Very important for mommies - Make sure kiddies are being attended to!
We forget all this beginning tidbits but believe me, nothing worst when you are between polishes and your little one needs a diaper change. Best time for a mani- when Daddy is on duty or the kiddos are asleep, which leads me to the next tip.

Okay so I said a good time to do your mani is while the kids are sleeping- so be prepared to stay up for a least an hour after your top clear coat has dried. There is absolutely nothing worse than waking up to wrinkled   bedspread print manicure.

Show time...

- Start with a clean , filed nail 
Remove all nail polish with nail polish remover. I personally like my good old professional acetone. Make sure you take the time now file any snags or uneven nails, to the shape you desire.

-Soak your nails
Warm water and your favorite liquid soap works. A five minute soak is great if you really want to pamper yourself.

-Rub oil into the cuticles
I like to use Vitamin E. Evening primose oil works well, as so does olive oil. It smooths out your cuticles and moisturizes them after the acetone.I also like to just push back the cuticles, I do not cut them. Wash the oil off well, and then take a napkin and with a little more nail polish remover wipe the nails.

-Always use a base coat!
It helps create a foundation for your color polish to stay on. Let it dry before applying your color coat.
My base coat of choice:
Nail Envy by OPI 

-Polish on your color
Start from the middle of the nail, cleaning the excess on the rim of the polish bottle.I like to start of with a thin coat and then go back for a second thin coat. Too much polish will lengthen the time it takes for your nails to dry.

- Apply a top coat
Make sure your color coat is dry before you apply the base coat, if the color coat is wet you can get bubbles in your polish.
My top coat of choice:
Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat
-Clean up stray marks
Take a q-tip or a cuticle stick with cotton wrapped with at the end and lightly dip in nail polish remover. Run it around the edges of the nail cleaning up any excess polish on the skin.

Now, of course this a very detailed and time consuming process and for me, this is my routine when I want to pamper myself. So I'll give you a the quick, chic on a mission mani process I do when I'm on a hectic schedule:

I'll usually remove my polish before I go into the shower and slather the oil on my hands and nails. Once I come out my hands and nails are silky smooth and I'll clean off any excess oil with a quick swipe of acetone. I'll brush on my base, polish, and top coat with at least two minutes of drying time in between each coat. Then I'll do my q-tip clean up and I'm usually good to go.

I hope this helps you then next time you go about a DIY mani. I would love to hear if you have any tips and tricks of your own!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mani of the Week- New Found Love With Zoya!

Hey my lovelies!! I rarely post on the weekend, but because I've still been down and out trying to get better from surgery, I feel like I'm sooo behind here on my blog!

Well this was supposed to be as usual, Friday's Post- Mani of the week... so a little late, but here it is! 

Yara by Zoya

Base Coat Nail Envy by OPI
Nail Color Coat Yara by Zoya
Top Coat Wet 'n' Wild No Chip Top Coat

This is Zoya's Yara. It's a lovely green with gold shimmer in it and I thought it would be perfect to rock as a winter shade. Yara is part of Zoya's Smoke & Mirrors Collection where you can check out here. I did two coats which covered wonderfully and it lasted the whole week with just a little wear on the tips. While I was removing it though, it left the prettiest streak of gold shimmer that I really just wanted to leave it half off. 

Now I've been crazy to try out Zoya's polishes because of all the buzz it receives in the beauty blog world, but honestly where I live, I'll be lucky to even find an OPI. To find good quality polishes I need to head down to the city, but happily I found out Zoya has an online retail shop and you can buy directly from them. I picked up Yara and a couple others as part of their get two free promotion Zoya held earlier this month.

Now with my new found love affair with Zoya polishes, keep checking out here at Mandii A La Mode for any new polishes from Zoya, or on our Facebook site for any current promotions Zoya might have! 

As always much love, 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The deep road to shiny hair...

Hola Loves! This weekend was spent still not feeling my usual self (I underwent a procedure last week that's left me blah) and I needed a pick me up! My remedy calls for some self-pampering - mani, facial, nice scrub down in the shower, and some deep-conditioning for my hair. 

I have really really long, thick hair that has highlights and previously colored so it tends to get on the dry side and so I like to make sure I always condition after a good shampoo. Lately I've been keeping Miss Jessie's Rapid Recovery Treatment in my shower as a deep conditioner to steam while I'm in the shower. 

Product Description as from Miss Jessie's website
This once weekly intense luxurious deep treatment is the essential weapon for ensuring that your curls regain their healthy shiny bounce week to week. Rich Shea butter and avocado cream oil penetrate for a radiant sheen that reinforces a smooth tangle free curl. Quite simply, your curls just behave better with a weekly dose of Rapid Recovery Treatment™.THIS PRODUCT IS NOT CHEMICALLY ALTERING

Miss Jessie Rapid Recovery Treatment  has the consistency of soft butter and feels so creamy in the hair. Just one large scoopful is good enough for my entire hair. I take a small clip, wrap my hair up and keep in for about 10 minutes while I finish pampering myself up in the shower. It's an awesome detangler as well as I take it out with cool water to seal it in the hair cuticles  

Even though it's labeled for girl with really curly hair, it is great for all hair types, considering I have wavy hair it leaves my waves defined and not all poofy. It also leaves my hair so smooth, silky, and shiny when I straighten it, it has quickly become my second love. 

My only con about this product is it's price. The tub is $48 which is a bit pricey for my budget, but I would be willing to splurge! This one I got in my goodie bag. To find out where you can purchase Miss Jessie's Products you can check it out here, their website. 

FTC Disclosure: The product reviewed was a promo gift in a sample bag. 

Much Love, 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mani of the week- Out of This World!

Hola lovelies! This post was meant to go up yesterday by my internet has been acting all types of weird, but I finally got to uploading the pics of this week's mani I've been sporting. I got the inspiration from post on Beautylish (which Mandiialamode is also a member of) on how to create Galaxy nails. You get the look of outer-space at your tips!  (Click here for Beautylish tutorial). I think this nail look is so unique and you can definitely add your own touches to make this look your own. 

Here is my take on the look: 
(PS. My look is not as polished as others are, but it's the idea on how simple it can be!)

First, I started with a dark navy polish as the base. 

As the light background to the look, I used a mint green polish.
I tried to stipple the polish on, you really want a thin layer, the ring finger was my best attempt!

Next, the tutorial called for a pink base, so I went with this magenta colored polish. 
Best to keep the pink within the light areas you stippled on already.

Then apply a array of blue and purple polishes around the pink and over the light areas to pull in the dark polish in the background.

Finally apply a clear multi-sized glitter coat on the nails to give the appearance of stars and planets in your galaxy!  

My overall review of this look is that it was a fairly easy mani to re-create. You can use any similar polishes you have at hand. The only polish I had to get was the glitter polish and that I found in a discount store. The polish took forever to dry though, and I think it was because I did go a second coat on the glitter, therefore I would recommend to go light on the polishes and top coat. However this mani lasted the whole week and I got tons of compliments on this look! 

If you do try this mani, comment and let me know how it went! Drop by on our facebook page and upload a pic to there as well!!

As always much love, 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

LOTD- Bronze Winged Smokey Eye

Hey lovelies, this post is a quick and short post follow up from my trip to Broadway featuring my Look of the day. Been on a little hiatus since I was under the weather, and I'm still a little sore and recuperating as I write this but I hope I should feel a bit like myself by the weekend! 

For this look I was going for something not to overdone,but fun to wear for the night out and it's simply the use of three of my favorite eyeshadows from the Urban Decay Naked palette. You can check my post on it here


Clinque Dramatically different moisturizing lotion

MAC Pro Longwear foundation NC 42

MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC 42 (Under eyes and over blemishes)
MAC Studio Fix Powder NC 43


MAC Peachtwist

MAC Semi Precious Crystal Pink (Highlight)
Nars Casino (Contour)


Urban Decay Primer Potion

Urban Decay Smog (Lid)
Urban Decay Darkhorse (On crease and outer edges)
Urban Decay Virgin( Highlight under brow)
Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara Very Black
Mally Evercolor waterproof Eyeliner in Black (On upper and lower waterlines)
NYX Eyebrow cake powder in Dark Brown/Brown (Eyebrow)


MAC FreckleTone layered over MAC Naked lipliner to prime the lips. 

By the way if you are wondering, the necklace is from H&M

I'm out for now, gonna catch some rest... hugs as always! 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Caught in the act and OOTD!

Hola my loves! This weekend was very pleasant here in NYC... we got to enjoy 50 degree weather for the beginning week of January after just having a two days of freezing weather! NYC weather has just been so bipolar lately, that you forget what season we are in!  We made the most of the lovely weather and I went to see the Sister Act play on Broadway with my sister.  

The show was amazing and so funny! The cast performance was definitely memorable and it was a great take on the movie itself. I absolutely recommend it if you are in the mood for some laughter and religious comedy! 

Since the night was so mild, I decided to go with something flowy for the night out. Here's a shot of my Outfit of the Day (OOTD):

Shirt is from H&M
Jeans from Forever 21
Boots from Bakers

I'll post my make-up tomorrow with the details for my LOTD post! 

So what did you lovelies do for the weekend? Let me know down below or drop a comment on Facebook or Twitter! 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why Mandii Loves Duane Reade!

Duane Reade is hosting a contest in search of 10 VIP 2012 Bloggers, and of course I can't pass up the opportunity to submit my entry to blog for my fav drugstore! 

As you can see from my shopping list above, officially into the start of the New Year, and of course I already have to restock the basic necessities in my home (hmmm, forgot to add toilet tissue and toothbrushes to that list)! Being a mom, teacher, college student and beauty blogger makes things a bit hectic around here sometimes and leaves very little time to run around from store to store to find the things I need, let alone being a New Yorker where everything has to be quick.

If I can go in and out of aisles and put everything I need for everyone in my home, then it’s a good day for me and that’s why I love Duane Reade!  I can find all the basic care need for my little ones, pick up shaving cream for the hubby, and of course get my hands on the latest beauty products for me and to review on here for you!  It’s a quick and convenient place (Okay, I’ll admit I might spend a little extra time in the beauty section perusing nail polish selections) where you can find leading name brand products at an affordable price and you aren’t lost in aisles looking for things you need.  Plus, Duane Reade is a staple in NYC so you are bound to have one locally in your neighborhood, perfect for those spur of the moment run to buy diapers or batteries!

So if I haven’t professed my love for Duane Reade enough yet, let me tell you why I should be chosen as a Duane Reade 2012 VIP Blogger! First, it would be a tremendous opportunity in itself to partner with Duane Reade and share with others what I already know – Their dedication to provide great service and a great selection of products!  Not to mention, as a NYC blogger who primarily focuses on beauty and lifestyle, I make an effort to reach out to the busy, active women, like myself, and show them they can still be glamorous and trendy without breaking the bank. Being a VIP Blogger for Duane Reade would allow the opportunity for me to share that sentiment, a chance to blog and share how Duane Reade can help make them fabulous! Blogging for me has extended far beyond my blog and I’ve ventured out to other social networking sites as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube and I’m dedicated to going above and beyond.

As a local New York City chic, I’m excited just to take part in this contest and represent what Duane Reade means to me!  You can check out this blog entry as well on Twitter #DReade !

FTC Disclaimer: This is a contest entry, this post has not been sponsored or compensated for. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Mani of the week - Starting the New Year with sparkle!

Hola Lovelies! So here is a quick post on my self-done mani I've been rocking this week. If you follow the blog on facebook, I've been posting about so many glitter nail looks that are trending right now! Therefore, feeling inspired, I chose to do something festive with sparkles, so I went along with a shiny royal blue from Sinful Colors called Midnight Blue and did my ring finger layered with OPI's Silver Shatter from their Pirates of the Caribbean release.

Sinful Colors-Midnight Blue

Opi- Silver Shatter

I'm not the biggest fan of the crackle polishes because it takes practice to get the technique right to get the right effect, but overall I like this look to ring in the New Year... it makes me want to party!

Did you do any festive nail designs for the holidays, I'd love to know!


FTC disclosure: These are products purchased by me and I was not compensated for any product endorsement in this post. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Bulletproof make-up"? I think so!

Hey my lovelies, so you might be wondering what's in that pretty shiny mint green Mally labeled box of mine huh? Well, in it is my new favorite addiction from Mally Beauty - The make-up artist Mally Roncal's cosmetic line. In the box is 10 individual waterproof eyeliners which in the words of Mally herself, are "Bulletproof"! These babies, Mally's Evercolor Waterproof Eyeliners, won't go anywhere, which is awesome in this really cold weather we are having here in NYC, where the wind makes me super teary eyed! 

I ordered the set back in November I believe, from QVC which was having a special on this set, and let me tell you whenever Mally is on, I'm watching like a hawk- she is so adorable and just seems so personable! I swear she is my bff in my own mind! Anyways, back on the subject- all 10 were about $45 USD, which makes it so easy on a budget to own such a variety of quality, versatile (they can be used as eyeshadows too), and not to mention smudgeproof eyeliners.   

The set includes these colors :
0.01-oz Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner in Onyx
0.01-oz Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner in Deepest Brown
0.01-oz Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner in Plum
0.01-oz Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner in Navy
0.01-oz Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner in Black Cherry
0.01-oz Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner in Hunter
0.01-oz Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner in Lucky Penny
0.01-oz Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner in 24K
0.01-oz Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner in Tinsel
0.01-oz Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner in Satin Taupe

Personally I love this set and I can wear these eyeliners for the whole day and they hold up pretty well to my busy schedule! 

Please leave a comment if you have tried Mally's eyeliners or if you have any questions! 

Much love,

Disclaimer: These were bought on my own and written about because I heart them so much! 

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