Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years! New Look, New Goals!

My A La Mode lovelies, Happy New Years!!!

I hope this New Year brings you all nothing but happiness, love, and most of all health because without we are nothing.

If you have noticed the New Year brought a new look to Mandii A La Mode! We have our own site, and it's all dolled up! I hope my lovelies love the new layout and its a sign for better things to come here at the A La Mode blog!

New Years always brings about the topic of resolutions however, I'm not a resolutions person but I always try make a mental note at the start of the year on what I would like to accomplish for the New Year.

For 2012...

I want to take a vacation to somewhere exotic...haven't done that in five years!

I want to go to fashion week! (Someway, somehow, I need to find tickets!)

Work on posting here at Mandii A La Mode and more videos on Youtube (It's tough when you juggle 8 different occupations, but no excuses)

Take more pictures! ( I go to such fabulous places and events ...whether beauty related or with my family and I always forget to bring my camera or take pics on my phone! I need to get better at this!)

And finally get my drivers license! (I'm a city girl...we don't drive, I believe in the NYC transit system...LOL)

Well my loves, that just a quick list...if you have any resolutions, goals, ideas for the New Years share!!

As always much love,

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