Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mani of the week- Out of This World!

Hola lovelies! This post was meant to go up yesterday by my internet has been acting all types of weird, but I finally got to uploading the pics of this week's mani I've been sporting. I got the inspiration from post on Beautylish (which Mandiialamode is also a member of) on how to create Galaxy nails. You get the look of outer-space at your tips!  (Click here for Beautylish tutorial). I think this nail look is so unique and you can definitely add your own touches to make this look your own. 

Here is my take on the look: 
(PS. My look is not as polished as others are, but it's the idea on how simple it can be!)

First, I started with a dark navy polish as the base. 

As the light background to the look, I used a mint green polish.
I tried to stipple the polish on, you really want a thin layer, the ring finger was my best attempt!

Next, the tutorial called for a pink base, so I went with this magenta colored polish. 
Best to keep the pink within the light areas you stippled on already.

Then apply a array of blue and purple polishes around the pink and over the light areas to pull in the dark polish in the background.

Finally apply a clear multi-sized glitter coat on the nails to give the appearance of stars and planets in your galaxy!  

My overall review of this look is that it was a fairly easy mani to re-create. You can use any similar polishes you have at hand. The only polish I had to get was the glitter polish and that I found in a discount store. The polish took forever to dry though, and I think it was because I did go a second coat on the glitter, therefore I would recommend to go light on the polishes and top coat. However this mani lasted the whole week and I got tons of compliments on this look! 

If you do try this mani, comment and let me know how it went! Drop by on our facebook page and upload a pic to there as well!!

As always much love, 

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