Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why Mandii Loves Duane Reade!

Duane Reade is hosting a contest in search of 10 VIP 2012 Bloggers, and of course I can't pass up the opportunity to submit my entry to blog for my fav drugstore! 

As you can see from my shopping list above, officially into the start of the New Year, and of course I already have to restock the basic necessities in my home (hmmm, forgot to add toilet tissue and toothbrushes to that list)! Being a mom, teacher, college student and beauty blogger makes things a bit hectic around here sometimes and leaves very little time to run around from store to store to find the things I need, let alone being a New Yorker where everything has to be quick.

If I can go in and out of aisles and put everything I need for everyone in my home, then it’s a good day for me and that’s why I love Duane Reade!  I can find all the basic care need for my little ones, pick up shaving cream for the hubby, and of course get my hands on the latest beauty products for me and to review on here for you!  It’s a quick and convenient place (Okay, I’ll admit I might spend a little extra time in the beauty section perusing nail polish selections) where you can find leading name brand products at an affordable price and you aren’t lost in aisles looking for things you need.  Plus, Duane Reade is a staple in NYC so you are bound to have one locally in your neighborhood, perfect for those spur of the moment run to buy diapers or batteries!

So if I haven’t professed my love for Duane Reade enough yet, let me tell you why I should be chosen as a Duane Reade 2012 VIP Blogger! First, it would be a tremendous opportunity in itself to partner with Duane Reade and share with others what I already know – Their dedication to provide great service and a great selection of products!  Not to mention, as a NYC blogger who primarily focuses on beauty and lifestyle, I make an effort to reach out to the busy, active women, like myself, and show them they can still be glamorous and trendy without breaking the bank. Being a VIP Blogger for Duane Reade would allow the opportunity for me to share that sentiment, a chance to blog and share how Duane Reade can help make them fabulous! Blogging for me has extended far beyond my blog and I’ve ventured out to other social networking sites as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube and I’m dedicated to going above and beyond.

As a local New York City chic, I’m excited just to take part in this contest and represent what Duane Reade means to me!  You can check out this blog entry as well on Twitter #DReade !

FTC Disclaimer: This is a contest entry, this post has not been sponsored or compensated for. 

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