Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mandii A La Mode and Duane Reade!

Hey lovelies! Passing through very quickly to share some excellent news!

If you keep up with Mandii A La Mode, I shared with you my entry for the Duane Reade Blogger contest a while back. Here is the link to the entry

Duane Reade released this afternoon through its twitter account @DuraneReade , their winners with the hashtag #DReadeVIP .  If you follow @Mandiialamode then you probably already know that I have been chosen as one of the 20 Duane Reade VIP Bloggers! 

WOOOOOHOOOOO! I've been doing the happy dance all day! 

Duane Reade is New York's #1 Drugstore and all New Yorkers know it's the spot to go- if you ever need anything on the spot! I am so honored to be able to partner up with Duane Reade and bring you, my lovelies,  the inside scoop everything Duane Reade has to offer! 

I'll be sure to fill you in with the details as this new adventure goes along, and in the meantime please follow me on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with up to the minute info that can't wait for me to post here! 

Thank you so much lovelies for your support!

By the way- Friday's Post will be on the 2nd Giveaway item for our 2nd Blog Anniversary! You don't want to miss it! 


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Afternoon at the Museum

Weather has been crazzzyyy here in NYC lately! As I was heading out to the city there was bright sunshine with a mixture of snow and it was probably safe to say it was about 50 degrees outside...WTH? Mind you it was mid 60's just on Wednesday, this confusing weather would explain why everyone is suffering from a never ending cold.

Anywho, I was actually heading off to the Guggenheim on 89th and 5th in the city to meet up with my Professor for an onsite class. (It's part of my Art in Education course)

The Guggenheim Museum

The museum is known for it's collection of Modern and Contemporary Art and besides being a place where beautiful artwork is showcased, the museum itself is a beautiful work of art.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mandii A La Mode on Pinterest!

Hola lovelies, if you follow Mandii A La Mode on facebook then you are already in the know!

Mandii A La Mode is on Pinterest! 

You can see all my pins and my boards and see what inspires me, Mandii! Feel free to follow me and I'll follow back- I love seeing what others are inspired by and what great ideas you may have to share.

In the meantime, It's been a bit hectic here so there's been a bit of a slowdown on the reviews (and I haven't swatched mani pics because I've had a bit of a snafu with my nails) - but don't worry I've got lots of good stuff lined up, as well as a very nice giveaway set-up to do before the end of February.

See you on Pinterest lovelies! Click here to go to the page!

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Very Big Thank You- Mandii A La Mode featured on

My lovelies! It's Friday, it's Friday! I'm soooo happy the weekend is here! It's been super hectic this past week. Besides the busy schedule between work and school, poor hubby was all sick due to the flu :(  He has been so miserable and then being on daddy duty hasn't been much of a recovery effort for him. 

So as I take a couple of mins away from nursing him back to health, I wanted to mention really quick that on Wednesday I found out I was a featured blogger on !  I wanted to say thank you to all who voted while the feature was up and send a special hello to all the new beauties that have joined the Mandii A La Mode family! 

I have a couple of great post coming up for the week, plus my second giveaway planned for the 2nd anni of Mandii A La Mode! 

In the meantime, I hope your weekend is great! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day Lovelies...and Giveaway Winner!

Happy Valentines Day my dears! I hope you all get to spend it loving that important special someone, YOU! After all, you deserve to give yourself plenty of loving on this day and of course every other day of the year! But all kidding aside, I hope you are spending your day with that special someone (or the all the ones you consider special... hey I'm thinking family, friends) and giving them a bit of extra love on this day! 

Click below for more...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mani of the Week- Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

My loves! It's FRIIIIDAAAYY! 

I had the only busy week- between classes, work and the kiddies I'm surprised I survived it all! Mind you, survive it without catching all the germies my boys and my students have been emitting from becoming sick due to the crazy weather we've been having here in NYC. The mornings start off freezing and then the afternoon becomes very mild, before you know it you're freezing again. This bi-polar weather has having me wanting to escape to a warm sunny place, but vacation is not until a long while from now. Instead, I decided to settle for then next best thing... rock a nice, bright, warm color as for the week's mani.

OPI - Color So Hot it Berns
Fall 2010 Swiss Collection

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nicki Minaj OPI Collection plus Anniversary Giveaway!

Lovelies!! I've been so excited this week and it's just started! I ordered a whole bunch a goodies to review here and all the items are starting to come in so I've been really busy just swatching and trying out all these good stuff that I can't wait to show you! Plus like I mentioned before in my last post, Mandii A La Mode is celebrating it's 2nd Anniversary in the month of February and I'm sharing the joy with you by not just hosting one giveaway, but two! YAY! I'll give you all the details about my first giveaway right after I tell you about Nicki Minaj's OPI Collection! 

Click below for swatches

Monday, February 6, 2012

Latest MAC and Nars Haul!

Hola lovelies, it's been a big weekend for us New Yorkers because of the Giants Superbowl win last night. I'm personally not a big football fan, but I spent the night with my family watching the game and enjoying Madonna's half-time performance. (Let me tell you, although the lady looks great for being 50 something, I felt she has fallen off the performance edge a bit.) 

Now aside all the sporty football weekend detailing, I'll let you in my latest MAC/Nars haul. I shopped a bit around MAC's latest collections and also picked up some staples and then two Nars items. Here are the details:  

Click below to check out full haul

Friday, February 3, 2012

Mani of The Week- Disco Tips and A La Mode's Anniversary!

My lovelies! It's Friday, it's Friday and the weekend is here! I'm actually quite excited for a couple of reasons! First, I got through the first week being back at work after being out for three whole weeks so I'm actually excited to be able to rest up a bit. Second, I just completed the first week of the new semester and I have awesome professors and my course work looks like it'll be amazing. Finally, I'm super duper excited to tell you that Mandii a La Mode is celebrating it's 2nd anniversary! (I'll tell you more at the end of this post.)

In celebrating all these good things I really wanted to work a bright and festive mani for the week and I went along with one of the polishes from the Kardashian sisters' new nail polish line, Kardashian Kolor, for Nicole by OPI. (I'll have a complete follow-up post to all the colors in an upcoming post!)

Disco Dolls- Kardashian Kolor Collection 
Nicole by OPI

I totally love all the gold and multi-glitter sparkle in this polish! It just makes me want to go out and party! For this week's mani, I decided just to do the tips in this awesome color and the rest of the nail a dark polish for some contrast. 

Base Coat- OPI Nail Envy
Dark Polish- Avon Nailwear Pro Classic Fit
Tips- Kardashian Kolors Disco Dolls 
Top Coat- OPI Rapid Dry

I was really loving this polish and received so many compliments on it. I can't wait to just rock Disco Dolls on it's own, it really just looks great as a stand alone color on the nail. I'll swatch on an upcoming post! 

Well lovelies, I can not express how amazed that after two years Mandii A La Mode has grown so much, been through changes, and continues to evolve into something so much more than what I ever realized! I want to thank really all those who follow this blog and give such great feedback, you are my constant motivators! I'll be holding a giveaway this month to celebrate and I'll post all the details in an upcoming blog this week! 

As always feel free to leave a comment or some love on the blog! Hugs!

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