Friday, February 10, 2012

Mani of the Week- Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

My loves! It's FRIIIIDAAAYY! 

I had the only busy week- between classes, work and the kiddies I'm surprised I survived it all! Mind you, survive it without catching all the germies my boys and my students have been emitting from becoming sick due to the crazy weather we've been having here in NYC. The mornings start off freezing and then the afternoon becomes very mild, before you know it you're freezing again. This bi-polar weather has having me wanting to escape to a warm sunny place, but vacation is not until a long while from now. Instead, I decided to settle for then next best thing... rock a nice, bright, warm color as for the week's mani.

OPI - Color So Hot it Berns
Fall 2010 Swiss Collection

This color is very rich, true red creme nail polish. Reds and Corals are going to be very popular polish colors for Spring, so make sure you have your reds and corals prepped to wear!  The polish formula also applies so smoothly that I really just wanted to wear this color for one more week, just so I can polish my nails over again! 

I feel like my post have been very heavy with Nail Polish talk, especially with so many collections being available in stores now- swatching and posting has becoming the norm for polish here at Mandii A La Mode!

And speaking about polish, if you entered the Nicki Minaj OPI Collection Nail Polish in "Save Me", Winners will be announced soon, so watch for the announcements here on the blog soon so the lucky winner can claim their prize!

Does anyone have anything planned for the weekend? Drop a comment or say hello!

As always, Love:


  1. Love that shade of red! :)

  2. Joanne, it really is such a great shade of red!


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