Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Afternoon at the Museum

Weather has been crazzzyyy here in NYC lately! As I was heading out to the city there was bright sunshine with a mixture of snow and it was probably safe to say it was about 50 degrees outside...WTH? Mind you it was mid 60's just on Wednesday, this confusing weather would explain why everyone is suffering from a never ending cold.

Anywho, I was actually heading off to the Guggenheim on 89th and 5th in the city to meet up with my Professor for an onsite class. (It's part of my Art in Education course)

The Guggenheim Museum

The museum is known for it's collection of Modern and Contemporary Art and besides being a place where beautiful artwork is showcased, the museum itself is a beautiful work of art.

When you enter the Guggenheim, the architecture of the building is so striking you can't help but be in awe! I had to take a pic of the spiraling levels around the museum.

This was actually the current exhibit at the museum, it just opened this Friday. Definitely brought in a crowd since the museum was very busy! 

John Chamberlin piece 

John Chamberlin's artwork was pretty interesting because he liked to use old car parts and metal junk materials in his art pieces. Some of his work is what I would describe "Transformers at their final resting place". Besides getting to see some of Chamberlin's work, I had the chance to see a couple of original Monet and Picasso paintings which really got me excited!

Although we weren't there really to have a full on view of the museum but instead to rather discuss and observe how we would introduce the museum and the artwork to children; it ended up being nice we actually got a chance to experience the museum firsthand for ourselves. I'm telling you, moments like that is the reason why I love to live in a city like NY, you literally have the best right outside. 

So, I hope you enjoy this little weekend, random bit. I really wanted to share, besides the basic fashion/makeup beauty I come across, the other beautiful things I experience here in the city! 

By the way, sorry for the lack of Mani of the week post. I had gotten silk wraps done two weeks ago and the nail techs destroyed by cuticles. THE HORROR! And that my lovelies, is why at home mani's are the way to go! Hopefully my nails are back to their usual self by end of this week- have lots of swatches for you! 

As always, 

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