Friday, March 16, 2012

Feeling LUSH Fresh - Mini Haul

Lovelies, if you're a lover of anything all natural, then you are going to love LUSH, especially if you are into organic beauty and skin care. LUSH is a company that prides itself making natural, eco-friendly skin care products, with a strong emphasis on organic and handmade. 

It's so sad that there are only 3 LUSH stores here in NYC- the one I'm actually most familiar with is the one on 34th street. I've passed this store a dozen of times and been devoured by the luscious fragrance that radiates the store front- but I've always been hesitant to go in. I really can't pinpoint why, but I can tell you I overcame my issues last weekend and finally walked into the store.

I came out a believer! 

Here's what I picked up: 

I'll admit to you that NYC winters (or lack thereof, as the case of this winter) leaves me with very dry, itchy skin. I'll even lotion myself every three hours if I have to 'cause I become so dry! However, I found this little gem at the front of the store. This cube of goodness is a Body Butter- a solid, in the shower, moisturizer. The lovely sales associate told me it contained Shea and Cocoa Butter (which are wonderful to keep the skin silky smooth) as well as ground almonds and lavender. As soon as you touch it, it's like lotion for your hands, yet you can feel the grittiness of the rice and almond which make wonderful exfolitators. Also, it's very light on the perfume, so it's nice for those with fragrance sensitivities. It's meant to be used on the skin while wet, and I have found it to be amazing!  I come out the shower so smooth and moisturized, I don't even have to lotion myself up after the shower! 

So my 5 year-old con'ed me into buying this for him. (He made the sad, boo-boo face after the sales associate intrigued him with this Bath Bomb and I told him No.) Yet, I was just really resisting myself because I loved these things! The Ickle Baby Bot contains Chamomile and Lavender- perfect soothing ingredients for that relaxing, before bed, bath.  The boys love the Ickle bot because it fizzes up the water when I drop it in and leaves the bath water a nice cool shade of pastel blue. I love it because it's sensitive for my boys eczema prone skin, plus it smells fabulous!  

As I was looking through the store, I saw this little black tub with blue grit in it and I'm like "WTH?" The sales associate must have saw my expression because she quickly explained that it was Ocean Salt "their #1 best seller". It's basically a facial cleanser/ scrub, perfect as a weekly exfoliator- not only for your face, but for you're body as well. What totally captivated me was the smell! It's like being on a tropical island- it's infused with lime, coconut, and vodka...mmm, Martini anyone? Besides, reminding you of happy hour- it leaves your skin refreshed and cleansed, I totally loved it! 

Overall, I'm impressed by what I picked up at LUSH and I can't wait to go back again. Their online store is also great for ordering their products- but I personally prefer being indulged by the fragrances at the store. 

Any of my lovelies experienced the beauty of LUSH? Leave a comment! 


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