Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips!

Recently, I made a post on a Springtime/ Easter themed mani (check it out here ) and I kept getting asked "How easy are the nail polish strips to do" and "Do they last long?" So I decided to do a quick, walk-through post on how to achieve amazing results with the "Sally Hansen Salon effects Nail Polish Strips."

These are the ones I picked up. The cute bird print was adorable! 
Sally Hansen compares the strips to the look of real nail polish, and a lasting power of up to 10 days! 

This is everything included in the kit:
2 packs of eight nail polish strips
A double sided file
An orange stick 
and of course instructions. 

This is what we will be doing...

The nail polish strips are enclosed in an air-tight pack. Once you open them, they strips have that "nail polish" smell! 
Tip: If you don't plan on using all of them, store the left overs in a Ziploc so they won't dry out.  

Select a strip that matches your nail bed. 
You are then going to peel the protective plastic off the nail strip.

Once the plastic covering is off, you can break the tab of the edge of the strip. 

You then press the strip onto the nail.
You can stretch the sides a bit to ensure a full coverage of the nail.

With the nail polish strip in place, and the nail is fully covered, you can bend/press the excess of the strip over the free edge of the nail.
At the crease, file the excess nail strip with the file.

This was the complete look I created. Once I was done, I made sure to place a top coat over the nail strip for extra staying power.

Overall thoughts: I was a bit skeptical when I first bought the nail strips because having tried other nail polish strips before, I haven't been fully satisfied. Either the lasting power was poor, they were too "plasticky", or the fit was not great. However, the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish strips were awesome! They adhered well to the nail, the coverage was great, and they didn't feel like "nail stickers". Even better, the polish strips lasted a whole week, until I removed then with nail polish remover. They are super easy to do, and it's definitely a must try in my book.  

Have you had a chance to try them, or other nail strips? Thoughts, comments? Share! 


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