Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mandii A La Mode and Duane Reade!

Hey lovelies! Passing through very quickly to share some excellent news!

If you keep up with Mandii A La Mode, I shared with you my entry for the Duane Reade Blogger contest a while back. Here is the link to the entry

Duane Reade released this afternoon through its twitter account @DuraneReade , their winners with the hashtag #DReadeVIP .  If you follow @Mandiialamode then you probably already know that I have been chosen as one of the 20 Duane Reade VIP Bloggers! 

WOOOOOHOOOOO! I've been doing the happy dance all day! 

Duane Reade is New York's #1 Drugstore and all New Yorkers know it's the spot to go- if you ever need anything on the spot! I am so honored to be able to partner up with Duane Reade and bring you, my lovelies,  the inside scoop everything Duane Reade has to offer! 

I'll be sure to fill you in with the details as this new adventure goes along, and in the meantime please follow me on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with up to the minute info that can't wait for me to post here! 

Thank you so much lovelies for your support!

By the way- Friday's Post will be on the 2nd Giveaway item for our 2nd Blog Anniversary! You don't want to miss it! 


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