Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beauty Haul fun at IMATS NYC...

Billboard outside of Pier 94 for the IMATS NYC event

On Saturday I was so excited to be able to go the IMATS (International Make-Up Artist Trade Show) event here in NYC with my sister. IMATS is a huge event for make-up artists and anyone who is interested in the trade. It's held in NY and LA and in other cities around the world, such as Vancouver, Toronto, and London to name a few. The event attracts various well-known beauty vendors to showcase their latest products and also features seminars with popular make-up artists and beauty professionals, giving their tips and secrets to their magic. 

Last year, I had the opportunity to go to the first IMATS held in NYC and I had the opportunity of meeting so many fellow bloggers and you-tube beauty gurus, the only down side was the venue was so small. Thankfully IMATS heard the people and held the event at Pier 94, which is huge location! 

Just a small section of Pier 94, inside view of IMATS 

I did not get a chance to take a picture of all the vendors I stopped by to check out what they had, but here are a few I was able to take a quick snap of and the beauty buys I came home with! 

Miss Adoro, besides carrying eyelashes, had sets of nail strips! They had an interesting variety of designs.

Miss Adoro also carried Hair Bling! Iron on, hair rhinestones! Don't they look so cute?

Stopped by Ardell, had to check out their falsies! 

I picked up some make-up brushes from pq bdellium tools.
 Professional Antibacterial Make-Up Brushes, Master Series, I'll have a review on those soon! 

Had to stop by the NYX booth!
Picked up some glosses, eyeliner, and some powder!  

You know I picked up some lashes and the nail strips from Miss Adoro! 

Picked up some more brushes from Royal & Langnickel
Their brushes are very soft...they are a favorite of mine! 

I totally wish I had more picks to share of the event-bad blogger with dying camera batteries!! I really had so much fun booth hopping and talking to the vendors, as well as meeting the make-up artists there. 

Did any of my lovelies get to head over to IMATS? Have you been to the ones held at the other cities? Fill me in! 


  1. JEALOUS!!!!! i should have gone! im kicking myself for not going! there is always next year :)

  2. You must go next year! I figure it will only get bigger and better!


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