Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Special Day for Special Gals...

Hola Lovelies! Miss me? Well I do certainly most miss blogging and making my social media rounds! As many already know, I've been trying to get myself a bit better and recuperate after having a couple of intense weeks health wise, but I'm getting there! I've been trying to keep my spirits up by glamming it up when I have the chance, so in the upcoming posts, I'll be letting you in of what I've been up to. 

Me and my oldest son, Andy! 

So about two weeks ago, I was celebrating my bday and Mother's Day as well (I know I'm such a lucky girl!) and my wonderful Husband and sisters took my mother and I out to the Cuban restaurant Calle Ocho at the Excelsior Hotel on 81st in the city- the food was delish! 

Calle Ocho
-photo provided by OpenTable

My Beautiful Mom drinking a Fresas Sangria

I ordered a Sangria Roja, which was wonderful as well as wonderful Churrasco entree but check out this beautiful plated appetizer

Overall, it was a beautiful day with those I loved the most- My mother, which I am so blessed to have around, and my boys - which make me proud to be their mother! Of course being with my lovely family who made the whole day possible! 

On to the random ...

When you're a mom, there is never a dull moment! 

I was trying to get a decent post pic for the beautiful earrings I picked up from Kim Kardashian's Belle Noel jewelry line at Glamhouse - but of course there was a "Pic Crasher"

Here's a close-up pics of these beauties!

You can order them at 

I hope my lovelies got to spend Mother's Day with the special lady in your life, no matter who it is or the relation- it's nice to recognize a woman who has made an impact on your life one way or the other! 

As always, much love -

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