Monday, June 25, 2012

Hey Loves! Update!

Hola Lovelies! I know it's been a few I haven't posted on here, but it's been a very hectic two weeks. I've been super busy with night class, working on the end of the year prep in my classrooms, attending beauty events, and prepping my oldest for his Kindergarten graduation. To be sincere, it's difficult to spread oneself over so many tasks!  Beauty blogging is a full-time job in itself and when I put my reviews and thoughts on Mandii A La Mode, I want my readers to know that it's some serious work that goes on behind each post to bring you great info, products, and reviews! 

As the final school weeks wrap up, I'll be posting more constantly - in the meantime don't forget to Like   Mandii A La Mode on Facebook, and Follow on Twitter, as well as on Instagram @mandiialamode for the latest random tidbits! 

By the way, I'll share with you my pride and joy - what I've been working on, so far, for the past six years: 

My oldest, moving on to 1st grade! 
Very proud parents! 

Be back very soon, 

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