Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jeweled Over for Jewelmint

So my lovelies, I had so many people ask me "Where did I get the necklace I was wearing in my Clear Hair Care System post?" Well, I decided it would be perfect to post and share with you about one of my favorite "monthly shopper societies" where I shop for my jewelry fix! 

Unlock my heart Necklace from Jewelmint

Jewelmint is one of the many branches of the "Mint" monthly shopper societies (Shoemint, Stylemint) where, as a subscribed monthly member, get to pick from an array of products presented in your showroom, based on your personal choices from a introductory style profile survey. 

Jewelmint carries unique, fashion forward jewelry pieces designed by Kate Bosworth and her own celebrity stylist! 

After making your selection and placing your order for the jewelry piece that catches your eye and heart, your order arrives to your door beautifully packed in this mint green signature box along with an exquisite   black bow! 

Inside each box, there is a little note presenting and detailing the featured piece in the box.

Here are actually two other pieces I've recently ordered from Jewelmint:

Jewelmint- Lioness Bracelet

I love the Lioness heads on the ends of the bracelet, as well at it being a bit dress-up, but with an element of casualness with the leather detailing.

Jewelmint - Arabian Nights Bracelet

I loved this piece because of it's uniqueness and also the delicate element of the diamond in the midst of the bracelet.

You can check out Jewelmint at for the monthly membership price of 29.99 USD. Right now Jewelmint is offering 60% off your first piece with the promo code FAST60! I promise you'll love it! 

Much love as always, 

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