Monday, August 20, 2012

Ironman and Duane Reade

In the midst of all the Olympic event coverage earlier this month, last Saturday, on August 11th, New York City was hosting the first ever Ironman Triathlon. The sporting event that had been seven years in the making, featured the top Triathletes from across the world competing to be #1 Ironman Distance Champion.

And how fitting would it be that New York City's #1 Drugstore, Duane Reade, was a proud main sponsor of the Ironman Village, the destination where the Triathletes and sports savvy New Yorkers could check out the latest athletic apparel, nutritional supplements, and sports equipment. Well known international and local vendors together, were set-up at Pier 92 for three days, leading to the Ironman event. 

As being a Duane Reade VIP Blogger, I was invited over to Ironman Village and share in the pre-Ironman kick-off. Now, I must admit - I'm not the biggest sports buff out there - but I was excited to see for myself, these athletes that train for Triathlons! Like competing in one sport is not hard enough, try imagining three in one day! 

I really wanted to find out how these Triathletes keep themselves healthy and what secrets I could uncover to keep your body in the best shape. After all, a healthy you = a beautiful you! 

At the Duane Reade Booth I had the pleasure of meeting Jozsef Major, who is a 7 time Ironman Distance Hungarian Champion and was being sponsored by Duane Reade for the NYC Ironman Triathalon.  

Jozsef had recently won the Rio Salado Olympic Distance Triathlon in Arizona, and was ready to take on the NYC Ironman race. I was fascinated to learn more about this triathlete that was not phased about swimming 2.4 miles up the Hudson,  bicycling 112 miles through the Palisades, and running 26.2 miles  back into the city. That takes some serious determination! 

As I chatted up it up with Jozsef, you could tell he was very excited to be participating in the race. I learned training for triathlons was a continous process for these athletes. It consists of constantly pushing physical boundaries and taking themselves to the next level.Jozsef talked about he started his athletic career as a runner, but then realized his passion was for something more challenging, and thus began his journey as a triathlete.

 I asked him what would be the most difficult part of the race for him and he explained it would be the transitions in the race. As each racer goes from swimming, to the next portion of the race, cycling - changing from wetsuit to cycling gear is a feat in itself. The cycling was also a bit intimidating, as the cyclist would have to go through the Palisades Highway, which is even a bit daunting for drivers in the city! He also mentioned swimming was the most technical part of the race, as form is critical for endurance. 

The rest of the evening I spent it looking around the Village and checking out all the awesome goodies around the venue. You can check out my picture story on Google+ by clicking here

It was such a pleasure in meeting Jozsef and other triathletes that were taking part of the Ironman NYC Triathlon. 

Duane Reade was on hand as the race took place, cheering on Jozsef as he came in 3rd in the Ironman.  

For all my sports buffs out there, don't forget to stop by Duane Reade for workout essentials like Power Bars and Energy Drinks, and even if running marathons are not in your future (like me- I really can't run two blocks without getting winded) you can always count on Duane Reade being your #1 Drugstore! 

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