Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mandii's September Favorites...

It's been a couple of blog post in between in which I haven't posted my beauty favorites of the month, and well - because it's been long overdue... here is my SEPTEMBER BEAUTY FAVES! 

I won't make this post overly long, just quick, simple and to the point- much like the my picks for September. This month's picks are basically the make-up staples in my beauty bag. 

First up is the Essie Nail Polish in Recessionista from their Fall 2012/ Styleconmics line. 
I really love the selection of rich jewel tone colors for this line and this has to be one of my favorite  creamy, magenta tone color from Essie.

This favorite, which I don't know why I haven't featured it in my blog before - is the Beauricua Lip Scrub. My New York Shecky dolls are familiarized with this Indie Brand and can tell you how amazing is this lip scrub! All ingredients in this jar are natural and will make your lips feel buttery smooth! Perfect for when you want to strut a gorgeous berry lip color for this season! 

Next up is The Revlon 3D Volume PhotoReady Mascara. What I love about this mascara is the formula and the applicator! The mascara is smooth and does not go on clumpy. Best is, you can do numerous coats with out it making your lashes look all spidery!  

One of my favorite lippies this past month that I kept reaching for was MAC's Hug Me. OMG- this is my dead on match for nude lips without looking dead! I love that it leaves just a beautiful, non-overwhelming, brown-pinkish sheen on my lips. 

Since September's overall makeup look for me was a basic, wearable, everyday look - I kept reaching for nudes, browns and peaches- as with the simple lip, I kept the eyes neutral, yet played them up a bit with a simple brown eyeliner.  My eyeliner of choice was Mally's Evercolor liner in Deepest Brown. I rave about how smoothly they go on, and after they set they don't smudge! Perfect for creating winged looks! 

If you have any questions about the September picks, want individual reviews about the products mentioned in this post, or have a general question - share it below!

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