Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year, New Beginnings!

Hey there lovelies, this post is longgg overdue! We're already practically two weeks into the new year and it feels like a lifetime ago I was welcoming 2013! 

I'll be honest with you, 2012 was a year full of up and downs for me. On the upside, Mandii A La Mode was picked as a VIP Blogger for Duane Reade, as well as becoming an affiliate to a number of beauty brands. I even had the pleasure of attending a few fab events during the year! But it wasn't all sugar and butterflies - Last year started with a surgery that left me in and out of work for months and it sidetracked school and blogging for a while. My step-father, who was the only "Father" I knew passed away and I also had to say goodbye to our beloved family pet, Amber.  

If there is one thing I learned from last year is that you have to make the most with what is sent your way. We don't have total control of what happens, but we can control how we handle situations that come our way! 

This year I can only hope for bigger and better things for myself and for Mandii A La Mode, and of course for you, my lovelies- awesomeness as well! 

By the way here's a couple of pics I shared throughout 2012, can't believe how much things can change in a year! Enjoy the pics!   

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