Monday, February 11, 2013

Rockin' Grammy Beauties!

Okay lovelies, I have to admit - I was frustrated being that I had to miss the 55th Grammy Awards last night! (Well, I forced myself away- I had lots of work to catch up on!) 

Watching the celebrities walk the red carpet and show off designer dresses is a must and of course, being a beauty fanatic, I can't resist checking their make-up looks for the occasion!  

So, after ignoring twitter and Facebook for the night - I did some of my own beauty browsing this morning and picked my fav Grammy looks: 

J.Lo looked fierce showing all leg - but she flaunted her signature radiant, glow! Loved the lush lashes and winged cat-eye liner look as well as the definition at the inner corner of they eyes!  Well played, as the look was topped with nude-esque lips! 

Beyonce rocked fire red lips, which was a beautiful compliment to her black and white outfit. Loved her slightly flushed cheeks and the lightly smoked out eye look as well - not overdone, yet regal- Queen B for sure! 

Rihanna also went with retro red lips, as well as a elegant cat-eye lined look! Overall this look was very simple as her beautiful hazel-green eyes took it to the glamorous vixen level! Which is a beauty rule to live by: Take your best asset, and play it up! 

Taylor Swift oozed goddess with the amazing gown she wore and her look was just icing to top her heavenly look! It was kept natural and fresh with just a bit of flare at eyes to keep you guessing if is she really is anything more besides innocent!

I'll try to update this post with exact products used to create these looks as soon as I find them! 

In the meantime, tell me whose look you loved or wasn't too crazy about - comment below! 


  1. These ladies look gorgeous. Rihanna and Beyonce are my favorites.


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