Monday, March 4, 2013

Latest Drugstore Haul Part 1: Eyes

Hola lovelies! Miss you much! It's been a while since I've been on the beauty blogging roll with all the work I've got going on- of course work, school and all the fun stuff that goes with being a Beauty Blogger - BUT- it should be an interesting couple of months going on here because Mandii A La Mode Blog-aversary is coming up so that means lots of goodies in store! 
Anyways, beyond the ramblings- I actually had a chance to recently do a DRUGSTORE HAUL! I posted a couple of the pics on Instagram (which is where you can usually find me), and as promised - I finally got around to getting these on here! 

 Since it was a bit picture heavy- I decided I would just post by parts. 
So let's go in on the EYE goodies:

Been hearing some good things around the Beauty Blogsphere about the Maybelline Master Duo Liquid liner and decided to pick this baby up for myself! 

This particular one is in Black Lacquer. As you can see, the felt tip is rounded and flat giving you the option to go for either a thick or thin, lined look. 

For demo purposes only-I decided to go for a thick, winged liner look! 

My thoughts- ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Get's an A in my standards. The Maybelline Master Duo Liquid Liner formula has a great fluid consistency - I had no problem with it being too "liquidy" or it tugging while I was lining away.  It's tip was also perfect for creating my "wing edges" nice and clean! 

Next up, I picked up the Covergirl Clump Crusher by lashblast in Very Black. I received this mascara to review a while back and I never got around to giving it a photo op and some blogger love!  So when I saw it on display I knew I HAD to share!   

The bristle comb on this mascara wand are curved and contoured to get to all your lashes. It also has the same "rubberized spikes" like most of the other mascara combs in the Covergirl lashblast family have. 
I must state, although I've never been too crazy with the lashblast mascara formulation (on certain times it's a hit or miss), I loved sooo much- as you see, I had to have it twice! 

Here's a close-up of my lashes! No clumps or flakies here! Plus, it gives my lashes such a pretty fanned out look! 

I'll be following up this post with my Lips and Nail picks so keep a look out for that, plus other post along the way! 

If you like any of the products or have questions and comments please feel free to share as always! 

FTC Disclosure: Items have been compensated for, however all products shown where independently chosen by the blogger to review and all opinions are bloggers own. 

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