Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mandii is Back!! Time for some heart to heart talk...

Hola lovelies,

I know it's been a long while since I've blogged. I know most of you have wondered what happened to Mandii A La Mode, and although some have kept up with me and Mandii A La Mode through our Facebook page and Instagram - many don't know exactly the reason for my long hiatus from blogging.
I figured it was time for me to come back and do what I love the most, but first explaining what has been going on, and hopefully you can help me on the mission Mandii A La Mode is about to embark on...

For a long time- 26 years to be exact, I've been living with a congenital heart condition called Sub-artoic stenosis, a narrowing of the heart valves which cause poor blood flow and murmurs. It has been a minor complication compared with other health conditions I have, which thankfully, haven't hindered me able to live a somewhat normal lifestyle. Those that know me know I am Misses-Do-It-All! I can't sit still and I'm always running around! Heck, I'm a full-time preschool teacher, blogger, and a Mom and Wife!

However, over the past couple of months my condition had progressed and even becoming more complicated with the development of another issue in my heart. It had reached to the point of me being diagnosed with heart failure and doctors considering surgery asap.

I'll be honest with you. I wasn't having the easiest year. Two close aunts of mine had just passed away, and losing my Dad quite suddenly as well left me emotionally drained. Now, hearing this news of having a failing heart and needing a second major heart surgery completely destroyed me. I was scared of dying- I couldn't imagine the possibility of my boys losing their mom, my mother burying her daughter, my husband grieving his wife, or even my sister experiencing another loss. It was devastating.

This all was happening around April. Inside, I had completely shut down. But as far as putting of facades, I was on my way to winning an Emmy. I tried my best to continue of running around, taking the best care of my boys, working hard on my classroom, putting stuff together and attending events for the blog - making it seem like all was fine and normal, and I just couldn't. I really just wanted to quit.

And then I just remembered I needed to have faith. I didn't make it through 29 years for nothing. Everything in my life has happened through a miracle and I truly believed this. So I clung on to this chance of hope and faith that everything was going to be okay. That I'll get a chance to be here a little longer, my boys will have their mom and I can be there for my family.

Fast forward to now. It's November and I'm typing up this post. No surgery as of yet, and my heart is doing much better. Living with heart failure is the new norm for me and it's not the easiest thing in the world, the medicines create moments that make me miserable - however there are more better days than bad. I'm living on the miracle and faith that one day it will all be better, yet remembering it's important to live our lives to fullest and happiest- cause one day it is gone all too soon.

So, before I get too sappy on you, I wanted to let you all know my grand purpose of this... Mandii A La Mode besides finally returning and remaining as a Beauty Blog - will also focus on the philanthropic  efforts for GO RED for Heart Disease.  Heart Disease is the number 1 cause of death in women and it's important to raise awareness and help in GO RED effort's in helping women. I will go in further details in future blogs - but I hope you can join me in this mission on behalf of Mandii A La Mode and myself.

I know this post was a little long winded but I appreciate those who have taken a moment to understand   the person behind the blog and I look forward to reaching this goal with you all ...  

As always, lots of hugs!

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